Scientifically Proven Signs To Confirm That You Are In Love

Scientifically Proven Signs To Confirm That You Are In Love

Are you lately daydreaming about someone? Are you finding it difficult to get a girl/boy out of your head? Are you imagining your future together? If the answer is yes, then you are eventually in love.

Falling in love is something that everyone is familiar with. You must be familiar with how it feels to be in love, especially when it’s the early days in the relationship. Every other thing apart from your partner becomes secondary, thinking about him/her the whole time.

In fact, scientists claim that an in-love brain looks different than from a brain witnessing mere lust. Helen Fisher, an anthropologist and a leading expert on the biological basis of love suggests that there are several scientifically proven signs that claim you are in love.

Let’s find out some of the signs that could help you understand whether you are in love or not.

Considering Your Partner To Be Special & Unique

If you are in love, definitely you will be considering your partner as the most special and unique person around you. This is one of the most common signs that claim you to be in love. Usually, when people fall in love, they consider their beloved ones as extremely unique. This feeling further leads to the belief of an inability to feel the romantic passion for anyone else.

Focusing On The Positive Qualities

People who are in love always try to focus on the positive side of their beloved ones, rather than their negative traits. Lovers start overlooking things that might harm the relationship. Lovers also focus on the event and moments that they have shared together, cherishing them every now and then with an everlasting blushing smile. According to science, such kind of focused attention increases the level of dopamine and other hormones, associated with increased memory.

The Birth Of Emotional Instability

If you believe that you have fallen in love with some, be ready to experience an emotional and psychological instability in your life. This could result in increased energy, sleeplessness, trembling, loss of appetite, racing heart and so on. Especially when your relationship undergoes the smallest setback, feeling of panic and despair are very common. Remember that being in love is no less than an addiction.

The Rise Of Emotional Dependency

Having a sign of emotional dependency in a relationship is common. Lovers eventually depend upon each other for almost everything that is available around them. This is where jealousy, possessiveness, fear of rejection or separation comes into existence. In other words, science suggests that some parts of the brain experience aviation, including the forebrain area. This is somewhat similar to the cocaine craving brain structure.

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