Never stop trying. Your day will come

Never stop trying. Your day will come

In this mordern era we all are chasing something that satisfies our aspired lifestyle in future and simultaneously trying very hard to get those things. But have you ever thought what if we stop trying?

Just think about it. You all will agree with me that the status quo is of a lot of competition and in this if we stop putting in efforts, if we stop fighting for the opportunity then how our life will turn out to be?

It would have a great repurcussion on our life; it'll be like we all are without hopes and believes and also in our day to day life it will leave a great impact and on our behavior and on personality. If we just stop trying then that will devaluate our motivation and confidence which we possessed when we decided to begin this journey.

We don't have to let down our main asset which is motivation just because we are facing several hurdles.

There are some methods that can keep you motivated

1. Read books based on your specialised skill or work . Because you can get a lot of stuff from books. 

2. Surround yourself with energetic,ambitious people. The company you are in, influences your life a lot and precisely your behaviour.

3. Establish a personal reward system for your self . It will keep you to do efforts for your ultimate goal.

4. Stay committed to your goals and promise yourself to achieve the only goal.

5. Develop the attitude of gratitude it will help you to stay calm and motivated.

Failure always provoke you to quit but only you have to keep in your mind that you can do better than that and you will surely do it .

All you might have heard that " MISTAKES ARE THE EVIDENCE THAT YOU ARE TRYING" this is the well know quote and it is totally true because no one is a dabster but the only difference between two kind of people i.e, successful and unsuccessful is that one tried and got what they wanted and others tried, left hopes, quit at a early phase and failed!

You will find the people who wants to sabotage you and scanty of people who support you and wish best for you.

In nut shell, If you get the success then nothing is best than that but if you fail then nothing to worry about it, it will surely teach you and make you a better person just remember the thing doing the mistake is ok but repeating the same mistake means you are not learning from it. 

From now onwards onset to try and fight for the best just belive in yourself and don't lose hopes and have plenty of faith in yourself that your day will come . 

Sooner or later , your day will come. Consistent Hard work is all it takes .

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