Indian Air Force Day: know the History, Facts, and Significance on 90th IAF Day

Indian Air Force Day: know the History, Facts, and Significance on 90th IAF Day

Indian Air Force Day is being observed around the nation on October 8. The Indian Air Force (IAF) is commemorating its 90th anniversary. Chandigarh will host this year's anniversary of the Indian Air Force (IAF), which was founded in 1932. The day and its commemoration are a source of pride for Indians and ignite a patriotic fervor among the populace for the Indian Armed Forces' air force. On this occasion, let us know some interesting facts and history related to our Airforce


The Chief of Defence Staff and the three Service Chiefs lay wreaths at the National War Memorial on Friday, the eve of Air Force Day 2022, in remembrance of those who gave their lives in the line of duty.


Indian Air Force Day: History

On October 8, 1932, the former British Empire established the IAF. It was created to support the Royal Air Force of the UK, particularly against Japan in World War II. To stop the Japanese army's progress into India, the IAF targeted Japanese sites in Burma. In 1945, King George VI bestowed the prefix "Royal" to recognize the IAF's accomplishments.

Six RAF-trained commanders and 19 Havai Sepoys(air soldiers) made up its first aircraft, which was launched on April 1st, 1933.


Indian Air Force Day: Significance

The celebration of Indian Air Force Day honors the fighter pilots who put their lives in danger to protect their country. Additionally, it serves as a demonstration of India's military power to the outside world, particularly to its neighbors. Indian Air Force is also known as “Bhartiya Vayu Sena” and is the air arm of the Indian Armed Forces.


Indian Air Force: Interesting Facts

  1. Prior to becoming the Indian Air Force, it was known as the Royal Indian Air Force. After independence, the word Royal was dropped.
  2. The motto of the Indian Air Force is "Nabhah Spriushm Deeptam," which is an excerpt from Gita's eleventh chapter heaving meaning "Touch the Sky with Glory".
  3. The Indian Air Force is the world's fourth-largest air force. The largest air force base in Asia is the Hindon Air Force Station, which is in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.
  4. Over 1,400 aircraft and approximately 170,000 personnel are employed by the Indian Air Force.
  5. Additionally, the Indian Air Force also collaborates on peacekeeping missions with the IAF United Nations.
  6. The missions carried out by the Indian Air Force include Operation Meghdoot, Operation Cactus, Operation Poomalai, and Operation Vijay, which involved the invasion of Goa.