Businesses That Boomed Due to Delhi Pollution

Businesses That Boomed Due to Delhi Pollution

Since the air pollution has taken centre stage in Delhi, entire country has become aware of maintaining the air quality index. When the government is busy in churning out efficient ideas, people have started taking charge of their health on their own.

This awareness has also helped in making certain businesses grow overnight and some have come up with new ideas to make their business work.

Here are list of the businesses that have and are getting the advantages of the air pollution that is chocking the capital of India:

Mask Business:

As soon as the news of pollution hit the morning newspapers, people run to the stores to buy masks for their children, elderly parents because they are prone to be affected by the pollution to the most.

However the masks come with limited days to use, so every three to four days, and people need new masks for their family members. Hence mask business has seen new rise in the business this year post Diwali.

Air Purifier Business:

The pollution that engulfs New Delhi, has its impact indoors as well as indoors, hence one cannot escape the ill effects of pollution on their bodies.

The air purifier brands start investing in the marketing campaigns as soon as Diwali month starts. From schools to offices to homes, start buying air purifiers or get the filters changed to keep the family members as well as employees and students protected from the pollution. Even though the schools start charging a little extra for installing air purifiers in classrooms but the parents who can afford are ready to pay the amount.

Indoor Plants Business:

Buying air purifier can burn a big hole in pockets of those who cannot afford to buy one, which is why those who cannot buy air purifiers rely on indoor plants. Indoor plants also help in purifying the air around. It is advised that those who spend most of their time of the day on desk, should plant an indoor plant on their desks.

There is sudden demand of indoor plants and the local markets are getting crowded with people demanding snake plants, money plants, aleo vera plant and other plants which are capable of purifying the air around.

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