Tips to Keep Yourself Safe From Post Diwali Pollution

Tips to Keep Yourself Safe From Post Diwali Pollution

It has become very common to suffer from toxic gases especially after Diwali in areas such as Delhi. Even though there were strict ban on sale of fire crackers, in order to avoid polluting the atmosphere, yet people found their ways out in getting their hands on fire crackers. The amount of bursting fire crackers was way less than previous years yet the air quality was affected.

Since the air quality is not going to get better on its own, artificial rain or natural rain can make the situation better. But before that happens, people of Delhi can use these following tips to keep themselves safe from the smog, that is swallowing the city.

Invest in good quality Masks

It is impossible to avoid daily commute, such as offices, grocery shopping, schools and tuitions etc. Hence invest in good quality masks and put them on before stepping out of your home.

Avoid Outdoor Exercise without Mask:

The air quality is likely to be harmful in the morning hours of the day, hence avoid outdoor exercise for some days. Even if you can avoid exercise, try to put on the masks before going out.

Keep Yourself Hydrated:

Let the body fight the pollution, and to equip your body with enough strength, keep yourself hydrated. Drink citric juices, basil tea and water every hour. If you fail to keep track of your hydrating habit, put on reminders and hydrate your body.

Do not Avoid Symptoms:

Some people might have trouble while breathing, some can feel nauseated; suffer from headache, burning sensation in eyes and skin. Please do not overlook these symptoms and see a doctor for proper medication. These are symptoms that the pollution is taking a toll on your health.

Plant indoor plants:

It is always a good idea to plant some indoor plants around your living area. There are some plants which purify air better than many show plants, please do a research before investing in those plants. It is advised to keep those plants especially on your working desk or the place, where you spend your maximum time around.