Let's Do Our Bit For the Environment

Let's Do Our Bit For the Environment

Climate crisis has begun and it is for real, some people find it unreal and I fail to understand why! The environment consists of more than 3 million species and yet human being the one with brains, uses it for selfish motives rather than its protection.

According to ancient life philosophy living being needs water, air, food, earth and fire to sustain. Now the philosophy has been replaced with clean water, pure air, fresh food, space on earth and fire to sustain, since we have spoilt the environment miserably.

There are enough articles to rant about the climate crisis and how to protect the environment but we hardly pay notice because we think it’s not our job to bring the change, however we are free to post on our social media feeds some random environment related posts and scroll past the real issues.

But if you really! really! want to see the change and be a part of it, here is what you can do:

Contained with limited resources:

Recently the “minimalism” way of life has taken the centre seat and if you are a trend follower how about starting with this. Minimalism tells us to use the resources we already have in order to live a peaceful life. Count your blessing and privileges and utilise the things you own rather than spending unnecessary amount of money on things which are a part of fast fashion.

Plant a tree:

Since space on earth is getting reduced, trees are only limited to parks, thin jungles only. So to keep your surrounding air clean, many scientists have suggested to plant trees or indoor plants in your house for your children. If you are in a position of initiating a change in your society, then arrange community garden and park where the entire society’s elderly and children can participate in planting trees and taking care of them.

Respect other Living beings:

Not everyone can take care of pets or keep one, but it doesn’t stop one from showing some love to the stray dogs and other animals you see in or around your city. Feed them with whatever you can and provide them water in summers. If you see a wounded animal on road, inform the NGOs who help these animals in providing them home.

Reuse products:

Even though we can reduce the use of plastics in our daily life but somehow they make their way to our homes. The cycle is such that you bring one plastic, discard it, it goes to land filling and stay there for years, since many like you bring more plastics home, the companies that make plastic keeps manufacturing more and no one keeps a track of how many gets recycled. Hence try and avoid usage of plastic and reuse the same plastic if you can. Carry a cotton bag always for emergency. It is possible to survive without plastic because people survived when there was no plastic at all.

Every bit of work counts, please make sure you do your bit. If we all do our bit in reducing the burden on the mother earth, we can live and let our upcoming generations live healthy on this planet. We only have one planet to live on, let’s make it better.

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