Three Ideas for Children's Day Celebrations

Three Ideas for Children's Day Celebrations

Today marks the Children’s Day also the birth anniversary of India’s former Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. These days the celebrations are limited to whatsapp forwards, small functions in schools for an hour or so.

Some schools distribute sweets to the children, some kinder garden observe this day as fancy dress shows or fun activity at school kind of day, but there is hardly any celebrations at home.

Here are some of the ideas for Children’s Day celebrations, which the parents as well as teachers can use to create a better platform for the kids than to just spend the day for the sake of it.

Encourage Environment Awareness Campaigns:

Children are the future of a nation, if we help them be aware of the environment issues in creative way like a field trip to zoo or botanical parks, where the children can know more about the environment than simply investing in plastic decorations in school functions.

Organise nukkad nataks or drama shows, where the children will play humorous or dramatic plays on environment issues rather than dancing on useless Bollywood numbers.

Focus on Important Issues:

These days children go through a lot of issues, which they fail to address or unable to express due to the lack of education. Book knowledge cannot suffice what life throws at everyone, especially teenagers, who cannot decide how to deal with bully or harassment or overcome their fear.

In days like Children’s days, parents can help elder children to prepare and guide the younger ones as well as voice out their uncomfortable instances to their parents by providing them the environment where they can be themselves.

Educational Activities in Creative Ways:

Often the educational and awareness activities lead to boring lectures or documentary sessions, which children accept half heartedly, which is why parents and teachers should make those sessions fun with the help of creativity.

Narrate the children stories in creative ways, help them learn how to save money, environment and live with minimal needs in life. We often tend to spoil our children with endless choices and filling their cupboards with items rather that giving time to understand their problems. So this children’s day take timeout to sit with the students of your class more as a friend than a teacher or parent.

We need to build the foundation of the future strong enough to withstand life problems as well as environment problems especially the out of syllabus problems that life throws at, rather than making them just book worms.