Door Knob

Door Knob

Dear mom, dad and Eva,

I know you will start looking for me from tomorrow’s morning. I wish Eva could find my dairy for once in her life. Convey my all friends from Class 4, that I will always miss them. If you get this letter find me or if this letter finds its way to someone else here is my story of disappearance.

We shifted to the new home last month. I am still trying to adjust with the new place, new friends and our new room.

Eva is too busy with her college thing; I am stuck in the middle of nothing. Mom and dad are busy in fixing small things like hitting nails on the wall to fix the family picture, repairing the broken sinks, leaking floors, straightening the ropes to dry clothes.

I go out in the evening to play but these new children in the block do not play, what we used to play in our previous society. They do not ride cycles or talk about video games. They only play hide and seek or some chasing each other sort of games.

But last evening something happened, which i cannot share to anybody and Eva is least interested in listening to whatever i say. She is so engrossed in her new college life. At least when she was in high school, i could go to her and complain about Tim.

This is why I thought i should at least write in my journal, so that if anything happens tomorrow, somebody should know where to look for me.

Today we were playing hide and seek, when i ran to A block’s ground floor to hide, i saw door numbers 12, 13 and 15. There is a black mask, hung on door number 15, with a tongue stuck out of those weird white teeth, like Dracula. I ran back to the lawn, and as i confronted this to my friends, they told me that No.14 has disappeared automatically. They also told me that No. 15 house has apparently swallowed No.14. They showed me blood marks on the door knob and a red blooded hand’s mark on the wall.

My friends told me that i cannot speak about it to anyone or else No.15 will swallow me as well and no one will be able to find me.

i went to Eva to tell her about this, but as usual she was doing head bangs with her headphones on and shooed me away. I went to mom, but she was not at home and dad was working in his office, with doors shut.

Earlier he had given strict instructions to not disturb him. I waited for dinner time and after i finished my homework i am writing this. If i do not live by tomorrow, find me in A block’s house no.15. It might have swallowed me. I love you mom, dad and Eva. Please find me as soon as possible.

Yours lovingly


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