life is precious enough

life is precious enough

"LIVE LIFE TO FULLEST, BECAUSE IT ONLY HAPPENS ONCE" !!! I know you might have heard this quote and if not then you must have understood it. But only some of us have extracted the core meaning. This quote reiterates, that if life has been granted to us, then live it with full liveliness and cheerfulness. As life is full of surprises and we never know, what next it is planning for us. It provides us many reasons to cry, let us feel lonely, maybe just demoralizing sometimes but not more than to feel happiness and to celebrate every smile. 

“Life is too important to take it seriously”. But we all are taking it for granted and rained it off by our ‘wish to want more’ and forgot that life is for living rather than being greedy for making it lavish! So one must weave each happy moment of their life so that it never gets worn out.

Now, God has gifted us this wonderful life, so it is anticipated, that he has the charge to test us! But the human is abjectly coward when it comes to difficulties and hurdles. Instead of fighting or proving themselves either they capitulate or suicide!!! Yes, this term suicide, about which we all are aware. This can be defined as an easy means to escape. However, we should not commit this sin. We should not leave last resort till we fight problems out!

It’s fine to have troubles because they are meant to test our patience and unshakeable belief in God and ourselves. Whatever the conditions arise remember, not to bow the heads but muster the courage to win over them. Our task isn’t accomplished yet, but the aim is to find happiness and try to clutch positivity for ourselves because we know how uncertain life is and how within split seconds, things can change!  

So, the crux of this whole discussion is that, we should try to squeeze each flavor, life wants us to taste, without any lamentation and regret, till we reach the ultimatum.

Guys, if you find it motivating then please comment and let me know !!!

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