Don't Greed For Grades!!

Don't Greed For Grades!!

                                                  Don’t Greed for Grades!!

First of all, I would like to ask about the definition of grades?? Are they foolproof means of measuring success? Or just a reflection in a particular exam? I think only an indicator of one’s performance in exams. But if you think it some other way, like, for an instance, giving some another level importance to grades…. Shouldn’t be granted! Therefore, it is not a sure shot measure of judging a person’s intelligence. People have no right to determine one’s mental ability in one go.                 

 All I wish to point out here is that, while grades are being used as the most common way to determine a student’s intellect, they may not be reliable. But we can see, students, themselves have formed a hallucinating scale called EXAMS to determine whether they will succeed or not.

If we were to convince ourselves that school grades are the sole basis of one’s intelligence, we would simply be implying that all those who have not achieved high grades aren’t smart enough but now we all forget about some gems like Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein….so on because they weren’t the toppers of their time but now also they are precedents!! So, guys, I think that classroom is such a small place to judge student’s brilliance.

Secondly, intelligence and smartness are the fruitful results of gaining experience. Gaining experience from developing interactive nature. Facing subtle issues to huge ones! Each time a person goes through something, definitely learn as well. Our habit to seek experience from going to places, meeting new people, and encountering problems, paves a long way in shaping our smartness and common sense. At least we can learn from those who are holding degrees, roaming and bustling in search of livelihood and these people never failed any exam but abjectly failing in exam of life!!!

So just break these rusty shackles from your mind and stop being greedy for grades!! Cross the threshold of bounded imagination. Teach yourself to learn for knowledge not for marks and Never let these grades so dominant that they scar you for the rest of your life!!! But try to accept them in a positive manner. Because success is far beyond these marks. Therefore, never limit yourself to marks and grades.

I hope you guys got some positive vibes through it!!

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