Amazing Ways to Incorporate Pantone's Color of the Year 2020 into your Home

Amazing Ways to Incorporate Pantone's Color of the Year 2020 into your Home

Colors play a magnificent role in our lives, isn't it? Whether it's our home, office, lifestyle, or everyday clothes, we are quite precise and selective about the colors we chose to dress up. Especially this 2020, we can expect a lot of things to go 'Classic Blue'.

Every year, the color company, Pantone, opts for the color of the year, precisely going through different trends in the society along with culture, traditions, travel, and so on. This past Wednesday, the company announced the new color of the year, which is Classic Blue. As per Pantone's website, it's the color representing timeless & enduring blue, suggestive of the sky at dusk.

Thus, a lot of homemakers along with creative and stylish souls will be looking out to revamp their lifestyle, using the 'Classic Blue' color as an inspiration. Mentioned below are some interesting and amazing ways where this color can be utilized while decorating your house in 2020. Let's explore it together.

#1 Adding Classic Blue Furniture

Without furniture, every house looks to be incomplete. In fact, as per facts and surveys, after a home and a car, furniture is the 3rd most expensive thing people invest during their lifetime. So, it's recommended to decorate your home with a classy 'Classic Blue' furniture, making and leaving a bold statement on you and to your visitors.

#2 Painting Walls with Classic Blue

Every wall narrates a story. That's why we always continue to decorate it with something or the other. This 2020 when 'Classic Blue' is the color of the year, people can opt to paint their walls with the same color that can be an eye-catching one. After all, blue is one of the most popular and universal colors existing in modern times. If you are not willing to go for the entire wall, try considering painting the accent wall into a blue one.

#3 Welcoming Classic Blue Kitchen Cabinets Home

A kitchen is one such place where an individual spends a lot of time cooking and serving meals to their loved ones. Even if you throw a party, visitors will constantly pay a visit in order to see what's on the menu today. So, what could be the best place than the kitchen to decorate it with the color of the year. You can go for 'Classic Blue' cabinets that will provide a strong touch to your decorative aura. You can also spice up the heat by decorating the storage place inside your kitchen with the trendy color of the year, namely 'Classic Blue'.

While one can do plenty of other things, we mentioned some common and easy steps for welcoming the 'Classic Blue' color home. If you have any other interesting ideas in mind, do share it with us.