Everything You Need To Know About The New Motor Vehicles Bill

Everything You Need To Know About The New Motor Vehicles Bill

Traffic safety and issues have always been a considering element from the government point of view. With the changing course over the past couple of years, India has seen numerous strategies, rules, and guidelines that tried to increase the awareness of road safety among the citizens.

But recently, the government announced the 'New Motor Vehicles Bill' which is the headlines on every news channel, newspaper, and even the social media. Last Friday, acting President Ram Nath Kovind passed the New Motor Vehicle Bill which eventually increased the fine amount, and that too drastically.

This initiative is believed to tighten the road traffic regulations along with enhancing road safety in India. But the increased penalty is emerging out as an issue which is bothering almost every individual living in our country.

Today' Bloggers Globe will be highlighting some major changes in penalties that are already implemented. So, read it carefully.

#1 Not Giving Way To Emergency Vehicles

Earlier, there was no penalty for not giving way to emergency vehicles. But now, there is. In fact, if you intentionally or unintentionally break this law, you need to pay INR 10,000 as a penalty to the Indian government. So, stay careful whenever you see an emergency vehicle on the road the next time.

#2 Driving Despite Disqualification

People earlier were very casual while driving even after being disqualified for the same. But now, if a policeman catches you breaking this law, you have to pay a penalty of INR 10,000 in order to escape the situation.

#3 Aggregators Violating Driving License Norms

A fine up to INR 1 lakh can be issued if the traffic police catch aggregators like OLA and UBER violating the driving license norms.

#4 Over Speeding

Earlier, INR 400 was the penalty amount for whoever violated the over speeding rule. But now, the fine has been increased to INR 1000 - 2000 for people breaking this law. So, if you love speed, it's perhaps the right time to hold on to your gear and act smartly.

#5 No Insurance

Fine for vehicles without active insurance has been revised now. Earlier, the fine amount used to be INR 1000 which has now got doubled, clicking to INR 2000.

#6 Driving Without Helmets

This is probably the most common rule which the people of our country often violate. But now, even if a person doesn't want to wear a helmet, he/she might have to do it forcefully. The fine has been revised from INR 100 to 1000 along with the suspension of the driving license for three months. Seems, the helmet business is about to boom in India now.

#7 Road Offence By Juveniles

If any juvenile is caught violating the rules of Indian traffic, their parents have to pay the price now. They have to pay a fine of INR 25,000 along with three years of imprisonment and cancelation of the registration of the vehicle. So, parents and juveniles, stay alert.

#8 Driving Without License

If you had been riding vehicles freely on road despite having a license, it's time to get one urgently. The Indian government has increased the fine for driving without a license from INR 500 to INR 5000.

#9 Dangerous Driving

For all those people who love rush riding along with Zig-Zag moves, make a note that the fine for dangerous driving has been revised to INR 5000 from INR 1000. Thus, stop acting foolish on the road and be a sensible rider.

#10 Drunken Driving

Primarily, it's not even suggested in the wildest of the nightmare to drive after being drunk. But if you are careless and doesn't care about anything, be ready to empty your pocket with INR 10,000 as a fine or penalty. Earlier, the fine was INR 2,000.

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