Did you know these Five simple additions to your living room can change the mood instantly

Did you know these Five simple additions to your living room can change the mood instantly

Everyday thousands and hundreds of people move out of their home towns to far of cities and countries in search of job or for higher studies or for other purposes but when they set foot in the strange land, they long for that one thing and that’s the comfort of their home.

We look for a home wherever we go, even in holidays we pick a place which will make us feel home at the end of the day, same goes with all the people who move out of the comfort of their homes, where they spent their childhood in the shadow of their parents.

This article is for those who are living in a rented apartment or newly owned apartment or house; you can make small changes to make it home again without spending much on the decor.

Here are five simple additions that you can make to living room and feel like home instantly:


Due to space constraints in big cities owning a garden is difficult and maintaining it is even tougher job, so try to add indoor plants in the spaces where you spend maximum time of your day. Near the bedside, on the study table and in the living room, this will give a fresh an lively look to the room as well as feel close to mother nature.


Reading is not everyone’s habit and those who love reading hardly finds enough time to sit with a book for as long as they want unless it is a weekend and people are not running around the house to finish household chores without reaching late in the office. Books not only add texture to the living room but it also changes the mood as it throws back to the childhood, where story books were the go-to places over course books.


Music has natural healing power, so install small speakers or these days Amazon Alexa and Google Home are replacing the traditional music systems. Make a playlist before hand according to the moment and as soon as you enter the living room, play the playlist and it will immediately change the tired mood to much lighter mood.

Room Perfume:

Just like music, our sense of smell also functions as the stress buster. There are many essential oils and room perfume available in the market. One can easily find them in home centres and let them sit in the living room, where one likes to spend maximum time of the day after office work to spend time with self or with family.

Natural light:

Study says that natural light has the power of bringing negative aura down and transform them into positive energy, and we are gifted with sun to provide all the natural light we want, thus keep the windows open in the living room as soon as you enter or you can use light curtains to let the light fall in your living room. Sit under the natural light while reading to calm your senses down and relax.

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