Unique Ideas to Celebrate Mother's Day

Unique Ideas to Celebrate Mother's Day

Mother’s day or Mothers’ day, you can call it whatever you want but since all of us are confined within the four walls of our respective homes, some with their parents and some away from their parents.

So what are your plans to express your love for your mother during this lockdown? Are you counting on the likes, you will get after posting a childhood picture of yours along with your mother on social media platforms or writing a heartfelt post, caption or a poetry for her?

Here are some of the unique ideas; you can do to show your affection towards your mother, not just today but everyday because she is your mother everyday:

Bond over music:

When was the last time, you sat with her and listened to or shown your interest towards the kind of music she listens to! Almost never! So this is the time to sit with her when ask her about the songs she likes to hum in her leisure times.

Read for her:

There are so many times, when your mother sang you lullabies to make you sleep and narrated cooked up stories or read out stories from your book for you. It is time to read for her. If you are away from her, send her audio clips because she has really worked hard to bring you up and educate you, so how about a return gift, that has personal touch to it.

Cook for her:

Every conversation with mothers is incomplete without her asking you, if you had your food. So during the lockdown period cook her favourite dishes or show your interest towards cooking by asking her tips and tricks. Trust me the bond gets better when a mother knows her child is eating healthy or is concerned about her food. This is another way of expressing gratitude towards the selfless love that she has showered upon you all this while.

Write a Letter:

In the digital age, old-school charm has a different essence to it. Write a heartfelt letter for your mother, not all mothers are on social media. Narrate your childhood memories with her but avoid the emotional ones, you would not like your mother to end up crying or feeling guilty. Even though mothers would cry over any letter but write a sweet one.

There can never be enough gifts or social media posts to express your love for her and not everyone will understand. That is okay, the bottom line is to let your mother know that the big city has not snatched her little baby and the bond that you share is not measured by the physical distance.