It's Time to Express Love to Your Family

It's Time to Express Love to Your Family

Among all the things that we did not pay much attention to in our pre-quarantine life is the love towards our family. Many of us live away from our families for studies, job, or in our nuclear families, and we only visit our parents as guests for numbered days.

This pandemic has made us colder to our loved even when we are far away. Are you not calling your parents and siblings more often than ever these days? Are you not sharing more time with your families than ever?

Yes! They say “Family comes first” but we always put them on hold, in order to fulfil our dreams and they happily step back to give you the desired push for your dreams.

When Pandemic Ends

We all have thought about things we want to do once this pandemic is over. I asked my family what they want to do when the pandemic ends and this is what they said:

My brother wants to fly away to my mother because he is missing her cooking. He wants to come to me because he is tired of taking care of himself and his food. For a long time we have taken our mothers and her selfless care towards us for granted.

My friend Anjani wants to go to mountains and stay there for as long as possible. Being a mountain girl, and staying miles away from home and family, depending on Maggi and tea has spoilt her taste buds. The mountain she grew up watching is away from her and she is stuck between the cold walls of her apartment alone.

My uncle wants to go on pilgrimage with my aunty because he wants to convey his gratitude for the privileged life that he has lived and for all the luxury he had. We never say thank you enough to the Almighty for letting us live a life and we only realise when we see there are people suffering in other parts.

My friend Kunal has recently learned to bake cakes, cookies and what not. He wants his father to taste them and tell him that he bakes like his late mother. Every time he bakes, he offers a piece of it to his mother’s picture.

Nothing can replace the love, care and warmth the family provides us. So on this International Day of Families, express your love towards your parents who are near you as well as away from you. It is time to take care of our parents exactly the way they did for us when we were toddlers.