Some Common Myths About Love, Romance, And Relationship

Some Common Myths About Love, Romance, And Relationship

Love, romance, and the relationship have its own myths. Romance is always accompanied with charm and fascination, usually resulting in longing companionships. Everyone has their own view and perception towards love that resembles the most common human emotion available.

Love being a primeval human emotion gives way to romance or adventure, bounded by age-old myths that repeat their occurrence, having no or little semblance of truth.

We all had been familiar with this emotion at some stage of our lives, how things are often in a romantic relationship. But, it's necessary to understand come myths and realities that are generally accompanied by romantic relationships.   

#Myth 1- Association with Marriage

Associating love with marriage is one of the most common myths about love and romance. We people often notion that marriage makes for the permanence of romance. These two words should be unlinked with each other, helping people to understand the real meaning of love, romance, relationship, and marriage. Romance and love is a form of feelings or expressions while marriage might not always pave the way for the permanence of romance.

#Myth 2- Believing that Love is Blind

A romantic relationship might end up in accepting the flaws in partners by accepting the way he/she actually is. But it would be wrong to say that staying completely blind in love is a part of the process. Sometimes it's recommended to learn and understand what's leading to the continuous disagreeable trait in the relationship rather than just ignoring it and staying blind in the relationship.

#Myth 3- There s no co-relation of Romance and Physical Passion

Romance and physical passions are two different things. While romance is love, physical passion can be love or lust, depending upon situations. If one enters a romantic relationship for the sake of fulfilling physical attraction, then the bond is expected to fail eventually. Romance might take the physical form, but the relationship entered for fulfilling the sexual desire will always meet failure.

#Myth 4- Linking Romance with Material Happiness

Linking romance with material happiness is one erroneous linking that can be done. It's not necessary to be rich for being romantic or flaunt with expensive gifts for proving the idea of romance. Gestures like care, love, respect, and thankfulness can thick the bond, coloring the depth of romance.    

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