How to Keep Your Dreams Alive in Dark Times

How to Keep Your Dreams Alive in Dark Times

Everyone dreams of achieving something or the other, and these dreams provide the fire to the passion and become winds under the wings to take the flight. These dreams are actually lights of hope to cling onto life and proceed further. If you really want to achieve something, then the entire universe conspires to make it come true.

When you are intoxicated by the consequences of steps that you take in order to achieve your most beloved dream, entire world feels like shattering on your head and the hopelessness grows. Dreaming high is not your fault or anybody’s fault as such but don’t let it dictate your life, to say the least.

Here are ways how you can keep the flames of your dreams igniting always:

Divide it Into Smaller Goals:

One can have as big a dream as his/her eyes can behold but a dream is a destination and the journey is not smooth always. Hence one needs to enjoy the journey, learn unlearn and relearn things in the due course, this is where smaller goals come into play. Make different stages and try to achieve the first stage, if you succeed it will give more energy to your will and will help you work harder for the next stage. If you lose it, that’s okay. You will know where it went wrong and how you could have changed it and there is your chance to start all over again.

One Step at a Time:

“Rome was not built in a day”, so hold onto your patience and put your best foot forward carefully and gently. Mistakes will happen and people will mock but remind yourself of the dream which is dear to you and not to the people mocking at you. So if you want to achieve your dream, you will have to give your undivided attention to it.

Mistakes are Stepping Stones:

Scientists take years to come up with their discoveries and in those years they make uncountable mistakes. Mistakes are a reminder that you are on right path, if you do not do mistakes, you would not learn. So mistakes are important but repeating the same mistakes again and again is foolishness.

Never Depend on Others:

We often misread people and give away the rights to betray us or use us. So if it is your dream, you know its importance in your life, then why depending on someone else to fulfil it. The world is selfish and would not even hesitate for a second before walking over you, so depend on your hard work and it will be paid in its due course.