5 Things to Practice While in Self Isolation Period

5 Things to Practice While in Self Isolation Period

We are dealing with a pandemic along with the entire world and the scariest part is we do not have a vaccine or cure for it yet. COVID-19 has caused ruckuses in people’s lives, since the life has come to a standstill.

While the common enemy of human being in the current time is invisible and contagious, which is why people are scared, panicked. Now that the entire world is exercising social distancing and self isolation, it is important to be informed but only correct and authentic information is going to help and not rumours and false news in social media apps.

Here are 5 things you can practice to keep up with your life panic-free:

Digital Minimalism:

Now that we are all stuck in home and our only source of news and information is either television or social media. We often fall into the habit of scrolling through the feeds gasping all the content we can lay our eyes on, which ultimately gives us anxiety and stress.

Rather we should consciously consume news and information. WhatsApp forwards are another source of spreading panics, rumours and false information. We should follow digital minimalism, use as little social media as possible and engage more in connecting with our loved ones.

Yoga or exercise:

Since our physical movements have been limited to our houses and maximum to the garden area or lawn area, if you have any, it is important to keep the body moving. So try to get into the habit of exercise and yoga.

Yoga also calms your senses and helps you keep your sanity intact. If you have pushed the yoga routine for a really long time, it is the absolute right time to include it into your habit.

Maintain Cleanliness:

Washing hands every 20 minutes, using hand sanitizer, use mask when you go out is mandatory, it is also mandatory to keep your house and surrounding clean and tidy. Often we fall into the habit of cleaning our house to weekends because we used to be occupied with work schedule, now that we are in home, it is best to clean everyday and keep a healthy environment, safe from COVID-19.

Stop forwarding and stop encouraging unauthentic news:

Many of us would have come across with the news that if you have 7 basil leaves every morning, you can beat COVID-19 or many such rumours circulating in the WhatsApp universe to beat COVID-19 using homely remedies.

We all belong to educated society so lets out an end to rumours circulating in the WhatsApp universe; we should break the chain by not forwarding it further and also discourage those who spread those rumours. These rumours create more havoc in people’s lives than help them combat the deadly virus.

Start a Hobby:

We all had so many hobbies when we were kids, some of us like to read, write, play guitar, sing, dance, sketch or cook but this non-stop work culture that our hobbies have been pushed to the walls. Social distancing and self isolation has given the golden opportunity to relive our childhood. In your entire day make space for your hobbies and enjoy doing that. Binge watching youtube videos or other OTT platforms will help in killing time but practicing your hobby will be therapeutic.

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