Corona is not that HORRIFIC

Corona is not that HORRIFIC

Terror of corona has influenced our conscience rather, as we had stopped pondering over the good news. Thoughts like incessant hike in corona positive cases, increasing deaths, over occupied beds, no vaccine, running out of money, downfall in economy etc. are ruling our head.

But in this wave of dismay, we not allowed to ignore the positive facts. Latest news states, that recovery rate has plunged from 11% to 51%.

After the lockdown was lifted, number of positive cases has been witnessed to be increasing, however recovery cases have also bettered.

And the best of define all is, now the corona patients do not need to take the pain to find a vacant bed in the hospitals. The patients with mild symptoms or who are at the primary stage can be cured at their homes itself. Some points to keep in your head are:

  • They are not at all advised to be an ignorant, on beholding the symptoms of corona, must get basic tests done. And if doctor classifies whether you are at primary stage or not, only then prefer home isolation.
  • Different hospitals have launched homecare packages such as Max Hospital [the 15-day remote monitoring package starts with little expenditure of Rs. 333 per day] and so on.
  • Home isolations are suggested only if one has a separate room along with separate bathroom/loo. And take all the necessary precautions.
  • People having chronic diseases especially related to heart or lungs are not supposed to be the care takers of the corona patient, instead they are suggested to isolate themselves from the former.
  • Preferred diet involves food items such as citrus fruits, spinach, ginger, garlic etc. basically those which can boost your immunity system.
  • Most importantly on any severity consult the doctor as soon as possible.
  • Lastly and inevitably, one should have an urge to get well as soon as possible, in their mind.

All you need to be is cautious and strong. Please, don’t let the fear over-power you in any way. We together can win this battle against the virus. We should not despair. As we all know that ‘the fear of death kills a man much before the actual death’. This pandemic has taught a number of lessons which we might not have learnt in our entire life. Had you ever imagined that India, which is not even in the race when it comes to the medical facilities and technology, would handle this pandemic better than a lot of countries which has an edge over us in medical facilities.

So, keep your spirits high and don’t lose your composure, everything will soon get back to normal. Till then love your favrouites and show compassion to the sufferer.

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