Are you an Extrovert? Yes? Read on to Know How to Deal with the Lockdown

Are you an Extrovert? Yes? Read on to Know How to Deal with the Lockdown

Extroverts often are responsible for filling us with exuberance. But it doesn’t mean that they entirely have to depend upon social fuel for empowering their own life. 

Citing research conducted by the University of California, introverts were asked to behave like extroverts for surging the level of satisfaction and positive emotions. But what will be the scenario if the research was reversed? 

Amid the world dealing with the COVID-19, ‘Coronavirus’, other people are also involved in another battle altogether. It’s the fight for extroverts on how to deal with the situation being locked down at home. 

For most of us, the basic necessities for survival include namely – air, water, and food. But for extroverts, it includes people as well. This is perhaps one way how they draw energy for living. But the entire lockdown has barricaded the lives of many extroverts drastically. 

For all the extroverts out there, consider this is an opportunity for bringing in a meaningful change in your life. How? Let’s unwrap it. 

It’s Time to Meet Yourself  

To be honest, a massive lot of people won’t stop running unless they have a choice. Utilize this opportunity to peep down inside yourself, meeting your inner self. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for extroverts to channelize their energies, finding true strength. The starting might be difficult but just wait for the sand in the glass to set down. Once done, you will start to see the clarity set in. 

Learn New Skill

Amid the chaos happening in your life being an extrovert during the lockdown, it’s a great chance to try your hands and learn a new skill, adding to your professional and personal credibility. Apart from it, it’s a great way to motivate yourself further, coping up with the situation in a bossy and effective way. 

Focus on your Fitness  

There can be no better time to get in shape and attain fitness amid the lockdown. Start emphasizing on your health and diet, practicing essential exercises, meditation, yoga, and mental health. As per research, one is the most active and productive early in the morning than at any other time. So, are you ready to work out now? 

Invest in your Relationships

One thing is for sure. Being quarantined has allowed us to spend more time with our families than it was ever imagined. 24*7, we all are surrounded by our loved ones, feeling spectacularly pleasant by being around them. Especially extroverts, can work upon enhancing and improving their relationships, thickening and making it more beautiful. It’s a pause in life that can prove handy and worthwhile.

So don’t forget. You are a powerhouse in yourself.


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