Debunking Myths Around COVID-19

Debunking Myths Around COVID-19

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is still a major matter of concern amongst the humans that just doesn’t seem to end.  With each day, new cases are being recorded especially in India where people either are ending up suffering from it or losing their lives against this battle. Amid this chaos, information related to COVID-19 is getting viral on a daily basis dealing with ways to adopt that can eradicate this fatal virus completely. 

But the question remains, is that information indeed beneficial for all of us? Well today, we at Bloggers Globe will be busting some myths as cited by none other than the ‘World Health Organization’. So what’s the wait for? Let’s begin. 

#1 Myth & Fact  

Amid the pandemic, there has been a sense of awareness amongst the masses that certain drugs can prove beneficial to combat the coronavirus. Which is obviously not true. In fact, according to WHO, there are no drugs licensed for the COVID-19 treatment. 

Rather in various countries, drug trials are going on which is still in process. To date, there’s no proof that even a drug like hydroxychloroquine is curable.

#2 Myth & Fact

Another common myth that has been existing in our society is that COVID-19 can be transmitted through house flies and mosquito bites. Which is again irrefutably a denial fact. According to WHO, to date, there’s no evidence that the coronavirus can be transmitted through these elements.

Rather, the virus is transmissible only through water droplets generated when an infected person speaks, sneezes, or coughs. 

#3 Myth & Fact

Recently, the news has broken the internet that people are switching to bleaches and disinfectants to protect themselves from COVID-19. As per the news, people have started spraying such items, believing that it will protect them from the deadly virus. For your knowledge, the belief behind this ideology is entirely untrue, that can cause harm to your skin and eyes. 

WHO has clearly stated that under no circumstances, people should be spraying bleach on themselves. They can be poisonous if ingested, causing irritation and damage.

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