What “No Shave November” Really is, A Campaign or a Trend?

What “No Shave November” Really is, A Campaign or a Trend?

Gone are the days when clean shaven faces were considered gentlemen’s look and students would prefer to go to college, while professionals would go to office all clean shaven.

Now the trends have turned everything upside down and “No shave November” is a real thing now. Men would shave off their chests but would prefer all bushy beard and long hair over the what it was called the “decent look”.

While the movement encourages embracing the facial hair and the definition of gentlemen has also changed. Now the neatly trimmed beard and brushed long hair is called to be the perfect gentlemen’s look.

How it Started?

Movember or No shave November started as an annual event observed by men globally to raise awareness about problems such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and depression.

This campaign gives men a chance to show they are caring gentlemen and at the same time raise awareness to show empathy and support towards the men, who lose hair post their chemotherapy session. This campaign intends to grow hair for a month and save the money, which they invest in trimming or styling, which later will be donated to the cancer patients. Also some men donate their hair after growing them for one month long.

This movement has been observed by Indian men from the past couple of years, while some started out of concern and extending support to the movement, some have embraced the movement out of sheer laziness and just to follow the trend of not shaving at all.

The movement to trend transition

The social media era has made it a trend more than a movement, now the youth as well as working professional men grow their facial hair throughout the year. To look like the celebrities and cricketers, the youth has driven itself to follow the trend of keeping well trimmed and style sbeard and moustache.

Instagram and Facebook perfect display pictures as well as those small videos, everyone looks the same from models to wannabe models and actors. All growing beard and styling them is all good but somewhere down the line the movement has lost its meaning because of the transition from movement to a trend now.

Hygiene is Must

Both way it is good as a cause and well enough to follow the trend but it is equally important the hygiene. In the market there are thousands of the products for styling, oiling, trimming, and conditioning etc. But selecting the right product for the face as well as beard is important.

If you are one of the minimal maintenance person, you can simply clean your beard properly with warm water, comb them and oil them at night or else the trend can cost you with your health. Due to winters, there are high chances of getting dandruff and boils in the beard if not taken proper care of it.

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