Smile is the best makeup to put on

Smile is the best makeup to put on

In this life, full of hectic schedule we all are acquired somewhere to make both ends meet and in this all somehow we forget to live the life. Some of us usually talk about living the moment or talk about live life happyily but are we doing that? No I think beacuse an important thing is ignored from the life that is smiling.

The smile is one of the most important emotions in life beacuse a smiling face is always better than any gesture.It makes you more comfortable and it makes you feel more motivated than ever. There is nothing in being rutheless but if you talk pleasantly and with a smiling face then it can make your work done faster. In this status quo we all know that there is scanty of moments in which we can enjoy our life with our loved ones then why to waste them.

The human body is gamet of bones,musceles,and the most important gesture which we call emotion.We behave differently in every situation because of the emotions inculcated in our bodies out of which smiling is precisely the most prominent emotion as it leads you to towards calmness and further reduces the chances of ours to take wrong decisions in life. smiling face always spreads positivity and trasnsforms you into a positive and makes you a positive personality altogether.

when you return home from your abnoxious day then after seeing the happy or smiling faces of your family members, all your tension and problems automatically gets lost somewhere! Did you ever think about the fact that why it happens?? The reason behind it is their happy faces. Ever wondered how can someone forget about the ordeals of the day only by seeing the smile.So far as my perspective is concerned this is only because of the magic of the smile. This is why most of the therapist also says that smiling is the best therapy to recover from any kind of problem because your mind stays balanced due to this.

There are a lot of epitome,like you all know buddha and also we all have seen the idol of laughing buddha most of you may also possess it in your offices or in homes, why do we keep it? The only reason is that the smile is the best make up to put. It simply reduses all your stress,anxiety,and just make you feel free . one of the best epitome is your father,ever noticed when your father come home he is always smiling and also at times even if his day was not good. Although he is faking with the smile but why did he fake with the smile?? The reason is that smilie is as important as any other thing and it make us feel that everything is just fine...

We all are well aware with the harsh reality of the life that life is full of twist and turns that make you feel like hell but we all are compitent and can do better in our emotional turmoils and can see the vista of life . Just be confident and stay happy and keep smiling.