Importance of Taking Time Out From Busy Life For Hobbies

Importance of Taking Time Out From Busy Life For Hobbies

All of us have hobbies, which we like to do in our free times. For some these hobbies are escape from the reality whereas for some its spirituality of sort.

But in the time of cheap internet and social media dominance it is difficult to take time out for spending time with self and enjoying the hobbies.

Hence here are some of the importance of continuing hobbies in daily life:

Learn About Yourself

Social media sure has made the world a smaller place but shutting down the ears with constant jabbering and being updated is no good unless you listen to your own thoughts.

Social media feeds us with thoughts of other people and it forces to bring out emotions which are not ours in the first place. It triggers emotions like hatred, negativity, self doubts and what not.

So it is important to fix a schedule for yourself and listen to your thoughts. The best thing is meditate for 15 min and then start working on your hobbies one day at a time.

Identify your strengths and polish them

We all are gifted with many talents but still when we see someone see successful, we feel we are not good enough. But the truth is we never invested enough time in identifying what we are good at.

We need to differentiate between what we are good at and what we like and then club them together. We might not be good at some things but we like doing them and get disheartened with ourselves when we do not meet the satisfactorily level.

However we might not like doing some things as compared to what we like but we are more than average in doing certain things. How about start liking what we are good at and start polishing our skills in place of getting disappointed.

You are responsible for your happiness

If you think in a practical way, no one is responsible to make you happy. It’s you who spends the most amount of time with you. So how about creating happiness for self rather than expecting from people.

You can only spread happiness if you are happy. So try to invest in things that make you happy, like some people like reading, watching games or matches on tv, riding bicycle or painting etc. Try to identify what makes you happy and then invest time, energy in doing those things. It is not a competition to come first in the race of hobbies. It is about time to start pushing time slots meant for other things and making space for own peace and happiness.

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