Strange Things That Are Banned In India

Strange Things That Are Banned In India

India is a globally known nation that is outclassing and becoming a major competition on an international level. The nation's diversified cultures and traditions majorly define the country which has been in existence for a decade now. But whenever anything breaks the internet hampering the same culture and tradition, the Indian government has always opted for the simplest solution which is banning the things which are cultivating the issue.

With newly elected government often seen in full force, the government has recently banned a lot of things that have or tried affecting the nation's culture. In fact, if you browse the history of India in 2015, that year was believed to be a phase that was popularly known as the 'Year of Bans'.

Blogger Globe today will highlight some of the things which are currently banned in India. Let's have a look at them.


Kissing in Public/PDA

If you go by the country's terms and laws, it is illegal to express love publically in the world's second-largest population. The government along with other societies believe that this ban was very necessary as the youths were getting diverted in a different direction, probably getting influenced by westernization. In fact, section 294 of the Indian Penal Code grants permission for punishment whenever there is a case of obscenity.



Beef is India's latest and most famous addition to the list of banned things in the country. It all started with Maharashtra's government in 2015 where the possession and selling of beef were banned. In fact, anybody caught violating the law was fined INR 10,000 along with five years of jail time. But it was expected always as the cow is considered as the sacred animal in India with the Hindu majority state constantly evolving with time.


Mannequins Displaying Lingerie

You might not believe this but it's a fact. Recently, the local authorities of the Maharashtra government voted in order to ban the mannequins displaying lingerie such as bikinis. They said that its a mode of increasing rapes in the state which should be taken seriously. Furthermore, they stated that it's an embarrassment for women passing by and such mannequins also pollute the mind of men. Shocking, isn't it?



Porn is perhaps one of those industries which will continue to grow regardless of the recession in a country. But India's perception of pornography is completely different. In the age where the porn industry is a form of legitimate business in several countries, India decided to ban pornography nationally. The government stated that it is one of the prime causes which is hampering the nation's culture and it's the best decision for them in banning porn. In fact, if a person is caught producing, making, or even possessing porn, he/she might be fined depending upon the guidelines.  

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