demand to survive in this era

demand to survive in this era

                                             UPDATION IS SMARTNESS

                                                       Demand to survive in this era 

Most of us, when we brood upon updating ourselves with things that are happening around us, the first direction of our thought goes is, I should read a newspaper, or surf the net, or get information from any other source.

Turn around a corner and you will find a cyber cafe, if we do take it that our mobile isn’t a version that allows internet browsing. Then peep around, you may get your hand on the newspaper. So eventually every means of information is scattered around you all. But in this era, there is really less possibility of not owning a cell phone or any kind of digital medium. Since, the pacing technology has compacted the world. As an of result this human power, information today takes only seconds to access, thanks to the power of technology. With just a few keystrokes, people can view content they want and whenever they want. However, it doesn’t mean everyone is updated at all times when it comes to “NEWS’’.

 We all are entangled in hectic schedules, which make it easy to lose touch with what’s going on in the world. Even with our hectic schedule, it is essential that we keep ourselves informed of current events, especially in the current internet age, through which we all are connected. So, utilizing this power of technology and this precious time, we should make it worthy rather than splurging the assets in enjoying the so-called PLEASURE.

 Knowing the latest news, updates, and new events taking place within your state, country, or world, as these occurrences may or can have a direct or indirect effect on our lives as well. The constant consumption of this news will also bring us a number of benefits. As you can make or rely on future decisions based on more realistic and plausible information. For an instance, being aware of the business and economy field will help you to identify the opportunities and threats at the early stage of your life, and hence you can shape the strategy about your future profile.

 But remember that this is only an example and there is a huge list…… There has be to something more than these ‘information banks’ that pulls the strings and something that more lies within us-“CURIOSITY”  Look, having a source of knowledge won’t make you a past master in that particular topic but you should have that curiosity to learn. Many times “we confuse curiosity to be a person who knows everything with the curiosity to know everything’’. So be a person to know more about what this world is grappling with. Hence there is only one solution for this and that is NEWS.  (northeast west-south).

 Therefore journalism was created to focus on issues that were important to a society based on truth and dignity. A lot has been changed since its beginning with the intro of technology which we discussed earlier. As an old proverb says that “pen is mightier than the sword” that’s what journalism is proving to be true. Nowadays , news is readily available through different sources. Every single one of these has emerged as a powerful medium in their own individual voice. S0 if want to survive in this world, then it  has its two demands :


To establish the hunger to know more about topics of present interest topics with me . Continue to know more!!!!!

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