This is How You Can Beat Your Monday Blues!

This is How You Can Beat Your Monday Blues!

Do you get that feeling of anxiety, stress or simply the realization of getting back to work, right after every weekend? Then you also might be suffering from the “Monday Blues”, the term often millennial use to describe their feelings of waking up on a working day, with a terrible weekend hangover.

The feeling is a mix of depression, tiredness, unhappiness wrapped in hopelessness which is caused either due to unpleasant working environment, or simply because one doesn’t like the work, he/she does.

Here are some of the tips to kick those “Monday Blues” out of the window:

Stop Panicking

It is just a day and it will pass, so stop panicking. Rather than avoiding the problem, that lies ahead of you, face it and just get over with it. Panicking will only make you nervous but once you have faced it, you can deal with it whatever it is.

Stand at the forefront with courage and face it, make a note what could have been avoided and where you went wrong. The mistakes can be avoided in the next step but panicking will add a full stop to your entire being.

Identify your Problem and Solve it

First and foremost solution is in the question itself. What is that one thing that you do not like about your job? Your boss or the work or the colleagues, then try to find solution in the environment. Make friends in the office, so that you can talk about your problems and ask for solution.

If your boss is the problem for you then indirectly you are not happy with your work, which is why you are lagging in meeting the deadlines and upsetting your boss.

Try to find happiness in what you do or find a job, where your heart lies and other problems will take the back seat.

Instead of cribbing about your problems, try to find the problems and solve them.

Never Leave Anything for Tomorrow

We often fall into the habit of pushing things to the next day and until the deadline arrives, we relax. When the deadline approaches we panic and make a mess out of it. This is one of the reasons most people do not like Mondays because most reviews, meetings and submissions are due on Mondays.

Try to finish the work today if it can be done today, never leave pending work for tomorrow because tomorrow comes with its bag of work.

Plan Your Time

As the saying goes by, “Failing to plan means planning to fail.”

Finishing today’s work does not mean staying in office for long hours but to plan and finish within time frame. Most people fail to plan which results in building frustration and getting cranky at small stuffs.

Make a neat calendar and start planning your time to invest it properly. Or start your day with your diary and note down the work schedule as per their priority and the less important things can be pushed to the end of the day.

Even if the less important work is scheduled to attend at the end of the day, make sure you do it and not dump it for tomorrow.

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