3 Useful Steps for a Healthy Lifestyle

3 Useful Steps for a Healthy Lifestyle

Social media has so much involvement in our lives that we often miss out on listening to our own thoughts and form opinions about. We are losing control over the setting of mood in our daily lives.

Even though the terms like social media detox and taking time out of our cellphones are trending, how many of us are actually going on this detox tour without feeling FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Eventually we end up digging our heads in the smartphones, sometimes to avoid direct communication and sometimes without even realising that our lives have been taken over by our phones.

Here are simple ways you can keep yourself away from social media and spend some quality time with your own self:

Begin your day well:

Mornings are the best time to give your day a kick start because after the long sleep, your brain cells are all activated and full of energy, it is that time of the day when your thoughts are positive and do not let them affect by your social media feeds.

Start your day by waking up in early hours and spending some time with yourself. Go out for a run or walk, or simply do meditation or yoga or just sit with yourself for an hour and listen to your thoughts. Spend your time wisely by making a plan for your entire day.

Give time to your hobby:

Every one of us love to do something which is not related to work and it helps us bring out the creative side of us, like playing an instrument, writing journal, reading book, gardening, listening to music or simply dancing to random tunes, we all have that secret side to us.

Some hone their hobbies and pursue as full time career, while some push them to once in a week schedule, but if you make some time out for it every day, it will keep you away from social media’s bombardment of content and will help you channelize your thoughts in a positive way.

Talk to Someone:

All of us have that one person in life, speaking with whom wipes out major chunk of stress from our lives and vice versa. It’s time to spend equal time in speaking your heart out as well as listening to what others have to say.

We have given social media the authority to rule our lives, we are connected well but nothing much to speak about rather than just flaunting the picture perfect life. Spend some time in making picture perfect memories in real life rather than searching for them on social media.

It’s about time to keep social media limited to its purpose over living the gifted life, we should be grateful for.

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