How to Cut Down Social Media Domination!

How to Cut Down Social Media Domination!

Whether you agree or not but social media has swallowed most of our hours of the day. We start with one app to scroll through for a while and end up falling trap in the cycle of videos, pictures and memes.

While social media has been proved to be a boon by letting distant people getting connected with each other, at the same time it has become toxic to lifestyle in terms of displaying the perfect world out there and always feel bad about self for not having everything perfect.

If you are a student, a professional or anyone who wants to cut down the social media domination in your life, here are the five steps to de-clutter your social media habits, rather make the useful habits out of it.

Let’s get started:

  • Select the accounts that you follow of any friend, social media celebrity or channels, which are useful and you have something to learn from. Evaluate whether the account helps you in making you feel good about yourself or bad. If the tempting travel pictures of your friends make you feel miserable about your life, unfollow them right away.

Life is too short to feel bad about yourself. Make the most of your time adding value or a positive change in your life. Learn a new craft through social media or how imperfect people are inspiring generations.

  • Once you have unfollowed the toxic accounts, start looking for things that inspire you, or make you learn something new about the world, surrounding, someone or simply about you. Not everyone is born perfect, we all have flaws and acknowledge your flaws, as well as embrace them. Meet like-minded people and draw strength to make your life better.
  • Do not be a troll. Trolls are nothing but negative people venting out their insecurities on social media, while hiding behind a fake face and fake name. They do more harm to anyone than good. Harassing someone for being different than you serves nothing to anyone. If you cannot encourage someone online then do not discourage anyone.
  • Delete apps that you do not use regularly, because it clutters the screen and you feel like using it once in a while. Gaming apps especially are time consuming and do not add any value to your life. Keep one game app at a time and keep the timer on when you play so that you do not exceed a set time and go onto wasting a lot of hours.
  • Fix an hour or so in a day for video watching sessions. Keep it before dinner so that you start watching and end right at the dinner time, in this way you can stop yourself from getting into the cycle of videos, that plays one after another in loop.

I hope these tips helps you use your social media time wisely and save some screen time.

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