Shielding Mental Health During Coronavirus Chaos Is Equally Salient

Shielding Mental Health During Coronavirus Chaos Is Equally Salient

The fear has a new name which globally has been recognized as ‘Coronavirus’. The virus has taken the world by storm, affecting countries globally including India. It hasn’t just swayed the economic conditions of the countries but has severely plunged the lives of millions and trillions of people, causing mayhem all around.

It’s a lockdown globally. Whether you are in a small village of India or in an urban city of the United States of America, for the first time in the history of human existence in the last few decades, scenarios are more and less similar. People are self-quarantined within the four walls of the home, assuring to stay protected from the virus that has already claimed thousands of lives globally.

And encountering such news, consuming it can severely impact your mental condition amid this havoc. In fact, people already a victim of issues like anxiety and OCD can experience sheer transformation on their mental health, destructing and engulfing it slowly like a rusting process. So, what needs to be done for protecting mental health?

Damper the News & Stay Careful About What You Read  

The entire timeline on any social media platform is bombarded with the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other channel, the topic is common that’s been regulated day and night. And constant news about this deadly virus can surely elevate the panic attack in humans, simply affecting their mental health. 

So it’s suggested to consume only that news you feel relevant about, being careful about what you read on a daily basis. Try browsing the entertainment channels that can add a fun element in your life amidst this bedlam. Avoid consuming misinformation.

A Break from Social Media is Also Obligatory  

Simply click a hashtag and find yourself in between the genuine and conspiracy information that is usually available on the internet today. Such information can trigger your anxiety level as well along with pushing you into a deep stress-centric situation. 

So rather than spending your maximum time on social media consuming news related to COVID-19, take a break from it. Listen to some melodious songs or just spend time watching Netflix, Amazon Prime or any other OTT platform. 

Relatedness with People Is Pivotal 

It’s a lockdown and there’s no denying about it. Another fact that stands firm is that any situation can easily be dealt with if one is surrounded by people you love and admire. The isolation is a great time to virtually get connected with your buddies, creating and restoring the bond that can help you reclaim your mental health.

Pen down the names of your important people and start interacting with them amid the ongoing bedlam.

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