Earphones to Buy Under Rs 2000

Earphones to Buy Under Rs 2000

Earphones are now an integral part of our lives. If you watch people closely roaming around on roads or traveling, you would be amazed to see that almost everyone have their headphones plugged while commuting.

Many people are in a habit of losing headphones very often while others find them very durable. That is the reason why most of us never prefer to spend big while purchasing headphones. This is where Bloggers Globe will guide you towards some cheap and best headphones that you could purchase within an average price.

Find below some headphones that you could help you enjoy music without compromising in a pocket-friendly range.

#1 1More Piston Fit

Despite being not a popular brand in India, 1More is bossily introducing excellent headphones that could make anyone fall for them. The 1More Piston Fit headphones are undoubtedly one of the most affordable in-ears currently available in India. The headphone carries a clear balance of clear sound. The sound quality is amazing but bass quality is certainly a matter of concern. So if you value detailing over bass, this is an amazing product to purchase.

Price: Approximately INR 799.

#2 SoundMagic PL30+ C

This headphone is no less than a beast at this price range. SoundMagic PL30 + C is popular for its balanced audio quality. This headphone works fantastically even at default settings where other headphones require fiddling with different equalizers. Moreover, the appearance of this headphone is stylish and classy that makes it a good option for purchase.

Price: Approximately INR 1800

#3 Sennheiser CX 275S

Who doesn’t know about Sennheiser? It is one of the renowned brands across the world. Keeping the budget customers in mind, Sennheiser launched this mid-range headphone that has completely grabbed people’s attention. The headphone comes with a decent amount of music quality, having an upper hand on the treble.

Price: Approximately INR 1730

#4 SoundMagic E10C

This is another beautiful headphone that SoundMagic is dealing in. Just like any other SoundMagic’s headphone, E10C again focuses on enhancing the music experience of listeners through decent bass quality. Thus, if you are a bass lover and looking for a decent headset under INR 2000, this headphone is a must buy the product. Additionally, the metal feature along with tangle-free wire makes it a good option.

Price: Approximately INR 1500

#5 Sony MDR-EX255AP

It is indeed one of the decent headphones currently available in India. Moreover, the brand speaks for the headphone itself. Sony has always been famous for providing great products to the music lovers where products vary through different price range. Sony MDR-EX255AP is a mid-range product that has superb sound quality along with perfect balanced music output. One big disadvantage that comes with headphone is the lack of microphone feature. Thus, if you can ignore this, it’s definitely a worthy product.

Price: Approximately INR 1700

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