History of Israel-Palestine

History of Israel-Palestine

                                  Bloodstained history of Israel-Palestine


When we talk about, The world's most renowned yet extremely controversial socio-political issue, the relationship between Israel and Palestine has been proving itself one! This conflict is obviously not new to the world, as it has roots deeply engraved for hundreds of years. So let's see how it fueled, flamed, and turned into a massacre!


< How it started >


 Hatred for the Jewish community 

  • The acrimonious nature of people globally, towards the Jewish people, was a long-running story (not fair of course). It is said that Jesus Christ was born in a Jewish family and some Christians believed that some of the Jews wanted to crucify Christ. So, when the crusade started, copious jews were killed out of their misbelief.
  • They didn't feel the world was a safe and secure place. Hence, asked for a Jewish country. When the Austro-Hungarian journalist, Theodor Herzl in 1897, introduced the concept of zionist.
  • During the reign of the ottoman empire, the region was Palestine, where different communities lived, more or less peacefully. The population record of 1878, 83% Muslims, 10% Christians, 3% Jewish people. 


Britain being Britain

  • This is when the British government tried to manipulate things to grind their own axes.
  • In 1915, world war-1, the British, Arab, and French fought to take down the ottoman empire and promised the Arabs to trade Palestine. This was not enough yet when the British government signed the Balfour treaty on 2 November 1917, which ensured the separate colonies for Jewish people in Palestine. Thereafter, promised to equally divide the region with France in 1916.
  • Hence, on October 31, 1917, British forces conquered Palestine from ottoman-Turks, ending 1,400 years of Islamic rule over the region. Britain opened different institutes for different communities and as a result of the Balfour declaration, the Jewish people settled there in the majority of 30%.
  • Now Jewish massively started to settle down in Palestine. So, the British government prohibited the settling process and restricted the number of people to 10,000 only. This resulted in the Israeli nationalist movement, and in the 1940s the rise of the Palestine nationalist movement. There was an extreme drift in both ideologies. People started rebelling.  

Britain passed the buck on the UN 

  • Post world war-2 Britain could anticipate the uprising of people and passed the buck to the United Nations on 24 October 1945. At that point in time, it was a newly established organization. In 1947, it introduced the world to the UN partition plan (resolution 181)
  • This partition seemed unfair to the Palestinians and strongly refused the unfair distribution of land. But the Jewish people accepted. As of 14th May, 1948 declared themselves free and a     full-fledged nation.


Arab-Israel war

  • As the conflict was not meant to end here as people were bound to live under the cataclysmic sky. The next rising sun was waiting for a war i.e, the Arab-Israeli war, in which the Arab world attacked Israel with the dream of domination over the whole Arab nation. Astoundingly, Israel won and now 85% of Palestine was under it. Led to deterioration of the state of Palestine. Resulting, in the Palestinian exodus i.e, 7lakh indigenous people were refugees on their own land! Now, the Gaza and west bank were under Jordan and Egypt respectively. 


 Six days war

  • One of the remarkable wars of Israel, was the six-day war,1967( Arab-Israel). Again with the tremendous victory. Conquering the Gaza strip, the west bank, and the Sinai Peninsula, was a sign to the world that Israel is not flimsy in any aspect! In 1979, Egypt was the first country to recognize Israel as a nation, and got its peninsula back!

World's introduction to Hamas

  • On 9 December 1987, the first Intifada by Palestinians led to the armor attack from Israeli militants. This occurrence gave birth to "Hamas" founded in 1987, which apparently annihilated mankind through suicide bombings!


Oslo Peace Accord

  • On 13 September 1993 everyone had a ray of hope towards the days of peace, Oslo peace Accord signed between Palestine and Israel where critical issues like the lives of 7 lakh refugees, unfair distribution of land, illegal encapsulation of land by Israeli's, were not even touched! Therefore, as anticipated, the dispute stretched even as far as of now.
  • The onslaughts from both sides then and now took many innocent lives. In such massacres, lives just become statistics but each person's life has importance more than we all could think! But this indefatigable oppression is just paralyzing the world with reprehensible actions!