Violence against healthcare workers

Violence against healthcare workers

                                           Violence against healthcare workers

Even this unprecedented virus has done no good to us, but if we dig deeper into it, it has unravelled the heinous assault that the health care workers have been going through since past years. Such cases existed but were skeptically acknowledged. Healthcare violence, reinforces deeper and wider forms of discontentment and distrust between patients, families, caregivers; this requires a critical analysis tailored to present context. Talking about private health centres, are conditional on the capacity to spend exorbitantly on protracted hospitalization, specially for covid 19 and for less privileged and marginalised section, catastrophic -out of pocket expenditure decidedly drained and debilitated person's life much faster before hospitalisation even comes into the picture. Hence, even health facilities are branched by paralised dividation which is exacerbating the whole scenario. Behind these reprehensible acts, somewhere lies deep rooted cultipablity of indian health care system that transparently ignores public health.

Even though this does not undergird the contemptible behaviour towards the frontline workers. Saviours shouldn’t be treated with egregious means. Super heroes don't wear capes. Likewise the best stories happens not under the strobe lights but in shadows of big plans. Not only doctors but every invisible hand that is contributing in saving mankind, be it the mortuary department, police department, pharmacists, should be treated with equal dignity and a lot more respect because they are the reason we are still breathing. Nearly 600 doctors died, not died but they are immortal in each breath they saved. They are risking their lives on the verge of death, treating patients day and night, not meeting their families for months! Why? To receive gratitude in such a disgraceful manner? 


Amplifying the voices to condemn the deplorable sins IMA appeals to the PM and repeated demand for central to protect doctors is urgent. In the past ten years, 19 state governments of India have passed laws for safeguarding physicians; however the laws couldn't be effectively implemented due to resistance from administration. Recent ordinance (2020) epidemic diseases act (1897) to protect health personnel combating covid 19 on India’s front line doctors ask such legal provisions to sustain beyond emergencies and ensures a safe life even after pandemic abated.

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