World Against Child Labour

World Against Child Labour

                                                   World against child labour

India is a vast demographic country, seventh largest in the whole world, Still is still a developing country. Being the most populated country implies high yielding youth and countries' assets. But the youth, the children are mercilessly trapped either in smoke of factories or dwindling their days of life in hightening towers at construction sites. Their future seems to be confined within the narrow dusty streets and sealed with dull concrete sky. This is how 10.1 million children of our country are indeed channelizing their hard work but woefully are awry.

Yes, we are broaching the topic of child labour. 12 july, observed as world against child labour since 2002. Targeting at exterminating, one of the social evils that is child labour. It is a blot that our country finds hard to remove. Children have become victims of their destiny. Poverty and lack of education has pinned them down in a vicious cycle of life and death which seems impossible to escape from.

 Outrageous fact is, 152 million around the globe are engaged that is approximately 17% of total children in the world.Sanctioned by ILO (international labour organisation) there are different age criteria for working like in India, 14 years of age for restricted working hours and 18 years of age is acceptable. Likewise, in Iran 15 year old is the minimum employment age, 18 for hard work, and for 21 is legally allowed. There are certain provisions and laws, and tringe punishments and fine if found extirpating any of them. The punishment for employing an adolescent in any illegal occupation is apprehension for 6 months to 2 years or fine is imposed for Rs 20000- Rs. 50000. In case the person continues the exploitation will be imprisoned for 2-3 years.

ILO (observed by UN members) brings together the workers, employers and representatives of 187 member states to set labour standards, develop policies and device programs to establish decent working conditions for men and women. Major instruments to immaculate the despicable state of children are as follows:

  • Minimum age convention,1973
  • Worst forms of child labour convention 1999

It require ratifying states to eliminate the worst forms of slavery similar to sale and trafficking of children, debt bondage, serfdom, child prostitution, children used for illicit activities, drug traficking etc. Our conscience should get jolted on seeing the plight of these innocent victims.

 Thus, all they ask for is decent living, basic education rehabilitation, appropriate direct assistance and normal human rights. We should let them bask in the sunshine of freedom. Let’s not make education, play and pleasure unthinkable pleasures for them. Let's excavate them from the spring of life that’s lost owing to extreme depravity. If we do this, then the vice of child labour and exploitation would be easily eradicated from the society. We must embolden ourselves with empathy and sensitivity that shall stop us from shirking our responsibility. 

 Hence, celebrate world against child labour day by contruibuting some initiatives in their favour.  

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