Common Insufficiencies that Might Be Sabotaging your Social Lifestyle

Common Insufficiencies that Might Be Sabotaging your Social Lifestyle

Insanity is something which is often termed as a habit where a person continues to do the same thing, expecting different results every single time. 

So, if we simply apply this definition to people's social lifestyle, we might notice that many of them are certifiably nuts. They keep on complaining about their inability to make friends along with finding someone special for themselves. So the question is, why is this happening every time? Did you ever think about this? 

It might be because a person like that continues to approach the interpersonal interaction in a similar format which might be wrong or acting as resistance towards their success. Therefore, it is suggested that if you are having trouble in your social lifestyle, consider taking a step backward and figuring out where are you going wrong all the time.

Bloggers Globe highlights some insufficiencies that might be causing you trouble all this long. Let's have a look at them.

#1 Not Able to Initiate Small Conversation  

You might be very confident as an individual, but every time you made an initiative to initiate a conversation, you end up on the losing side. The inability to kickstart a quality conversation is the very epicenter of social dysfunction. Fortunately, there are several methods available that can help you fight this disorder. 

Initiate the conversation by asking simple questions. Remember that asking questions will allow the other person to speak. But make sure that you don't end up asking personal and complex questions, otherwise, things will be worst. 

#2 Unable to Keep a Conversation Going  

This is yet another obstacle which occurs once a person has initiated with small talks. So, how to keep the conversation going? Avoiding close-ended questions might be the right solution. Instead of asking anything which can be answered with a yes or no, try asking them something which needs explanation. 

In this manner, you will be able to talk for long along with understanding each other's thought process. Do try this.

#3 Not Able to Demonstrate a Positive Body Language

Believe it or not, nonverbal communication leaves a great impact with anyone you might be having a conversation. Just imagine that you are saying all the right things, but the body language is not supporting your words. Won't it be contradicting, later canceling out the entire effect?

Remember and understand that body language has the potential to convey emotions quite precisely. It could simply convey that you are threatening a person, being rude, or that you are honest, caring, approachable, and trustworthy at the same time.

Thus, adopt a physical posture that could be pleasant and comfortable to the listener's eyes.


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