This Is What Different Countries Do to Guilty Rapists

This Is What Different Countries Do to Guilty Rapists

We all are familiar with the image India has in terms of sexual assault and harassment over the last decade. And saddening is the fact that the situation doesn't seem to get better. Every other day, we are introduced to a different rape case, actively being reported. So, what could be the possible reason behind this intolerable act? Is it our government, laws, or we as an individual?

Though, after the implementation of certain amendments, the situation in India seems a bit better than before. But India still lies way behind the other countries in preventing rape cases followed by a proper law that could certainly create fear among all the ill-cultured people that eventually promote rapes.  

If you Google it, different countries across the world have different laws towards sexual assault. Most of these countries consider rape as a sheer crime which has no forgiveness. Let's together check out some starkly laws that different countries have for rapists.


As per the Anti Rape Bill of April 2013, rape culprits are now liable to life imprisonment, which actually stands for 14 years. According to the bill, culprits can also be imprisoned for the entire life followed by a death sentence in the rarest of cases. While we believe that the laws still need to be re-designed, this amendment further expanded for other kinds of sexual assaults that is one of the prime concerns currently in India. What's your take on this law and what could be some other laws that the Indian government could probably think of for all the rape culprits? 


China is probably more serious about the rape cases that emerge in the country. The Chinese government has some strict laws for the rapists that either deal in a death sentence or castration. Most of the cases are executed even without a proper trail which can be considered as savage in today's time. In fact, the autocratic leadership in China has gone through a lot of heated discussions in the past where convicted rapists after execution were found innocent. 

Saudi Arabia  

Saudi Arabia is definitely one of those countries that are widely appreciated for their laws for all the rape accused people. Once a case is registered, the local police investigate the incident. If one found guilty, within a few days, the accused rapist is beheaded publically after being administrated with a sedative. Similar is the punishment for drug trafficking. So, do you stand up with Saudi Arabia's punishment for the rape culprits or is it too extreme? 

North Korea

North Korea's dictatorship is globally known and famous. In the country, the dictator directly sentences the rapists to death by firing squad. There is no forgiveness for any individual even a bit associated with rape cases. In fact, the line of justice is so blurred in North Korea that the ruler uses this as a cover-up for executing dissidents.