Places to Visit this Monsoon in India

Places to Visit this Monsoon in India

If traveling is in your blood, then India is perhaps among the best countries to explore different opportunities. India is a vast land in nature that holds numerous attractive locations that can please travelers from across the globe. Especially when it's about the stormy, rainy season, India has a lot to offer to people that are willing to explore different locations, especially during the monsoon season adding experiences to their list.

Just imagine the rain dropping from the sky with mountains all around you. And not only this, the greeneries covering the hilly areas are yet another element that makes this experience a lot better.

Bloggers Globe jots down some amazingly beautiful locations that travelers can visit this monsoon, converting their holidays into a nostalgic one.

#1 Lonavala

Lonavala can be the perfect location for you if you love rain. Yes, that's right. The place is full of greeneries along with waterfalls that can excite and satisfy any person on any day in a calendar year. If you are willing to take a flight to Lonavala, then you will need to travel for approximately 90 km from Mumbai airport. Hot masala chai and vada paw are some of the eatable items that are quite popular in Lonavala.

Bhushi Dam, Tiger's Leap, Della Adventure are some of the places that be an attractive point to visit in Lonavala.

#2 Andaman and Nicobar Islands

One just cannot miss Andaman and Nicobar islands when it's about getting entertained along with enjoying the monsoon weather. There are almost 570 islands altogether along with the wildlife that can be an interesting experience for any traveler. We can guarantee that the view will leave you spellbound as you might not want to ever return from that place.

This place is known for its erotic sunrise and sunset that can skip the heartbeat of any individual existing today. Additionally, water sports is another option that can entertain people visiting this place.

#3 Coorg

If you carry extensive love for flora and fauna, then Coorg might be the right location for you to visit this monsoon in India. Especially, if you belong to a densely populated city, then Coorg is all set to welcome you with peace and greeneries all around that can be a right blend of natural beauty with rainfall.

Most of the travelers visit Coorg in order to do mountaineering, trekking, and adventure sports. Further, Coorg lists among the top selected locations by the newly married couple, turning out to be a romantic gateway. Coffee plantation, lakes, and waterfalls are other add-on elements that make this location a must-visit one. 

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