School Memories that will make you Feel Nostalgic

School Memories that will make you Feel Nostalgic

A smile is always there on our faces every time we think or talk about our school lives. Without a doubt, school memories are the ones to cherish for the rest of our lives. For most of us, school phase has been the ultimate time period which we enjoyed thoroughly without thinking about our careers or future pressures.

Along with completing our studies and learning a lot of things, we had treasured many beautiful memories of schools that can never be erased by any means.

This post is for all those people who still miss their school lives. Keep a tight hold to this article as Bloggers Globe takes you on a journey of reliving all those school moments once again.

Those Boring Classes

How can one ever forget the long boring classes that used to happen every day? No matter how intelligent you were in school, there must have been a subject that bored you like hell. You just couldn’t wait for the period to get over. While many fell asleep in between the classes, others somehow managed to keep their eyes open and listen to teachers, being the warriors on the battlefield. But yes, sleeping in the classroom was an altogether different feeling <3.

The Mid Period Lunch

In schools, whenever we felt hungry was supposed to be our lunchtime. In fact, we often finished our lunch way before recess time. How cool was the moment when a teacher was teaching on blackboard and students were all busy eating their lunch, hiding it beneath the desks. But remember that not everyone was able to pull this off. This act required daring and only some students were the professional of eating lunch in between the class. Are you one of them?

Mass Bunk

We all had convinced other students for mass bunk. Take a hi5 if you were among those students that actively planned mass bunk with your friends. Not only your friends, but you had also actively tried to convince the other students for not coming to school that day. But the irony is that mass bunk actually never went according to our plan as some creepy students used to turn up that day, later complaining about how the idea of mass bunk happened.

We Enjoyed Punishment

Punishment, especially with our own gangs was supposed to be the best possible punishment. We all must have thought about this at least for once that getting scolded by teachers made us famous. Not completing the homework and arguing with teachers like a boss eventually made us felt like a superstar. Can you remind some crazy and jaw breaking moments that you experience while getting punished?

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