Signs That Prove ‘You Are An Introvert'

Signs That Prove ‘You Are An Introvert'

Sometimes it's difficult to identify people that are introvert in the crowd. We might think that it's a simple process but eventually, it's not that easy. We usually carry the impression that people that hang out alone in the party while eating and fiddling with their phones are usually the introverts.

Moreover, people are often unaware that they can be an introvert person despite not being shy. You should understand that being an introvert is about more rather than just cultivating time alone.

Despite, introversion has gained large awareness in the last few years, there is still more remaining in order to understand the right trait of an introvert. Today, we will be highlighting some of the characteristics that can help you understand whether you are an introvert or not.

#1 Even Small Talks Are Cumbersome

If you are an introvert, it's common to feel cumbersome of even small talks. Introverts are usually phobic with small talk as they might find the source of chat to be annoying and a source of anxiety. So if you also feel the same, such kind of chitchat can feel disingenuous to you.

#2 You Might Go To Party, But Not To Meet People

You sometimes love enjoying at parties. But as an introvert, you never attend those parties for meeting new people. Most often, introverts enjoy parties spending time with their known ones, being comfortable around them. Sometimes, you can get connected with a person, great – but it's rarely a goal.

#3 No Matter How Big Is The Crowd, You Often Feel Alone

Have you ever felt like an outsider in the middle of gatherings and random meetings? If yes, then understand that it's one of the traits of an introvert person. Introverts avoid offering invitations rather their friends and known ones might pick activities for them.

#4 The "Too Intense" Characteristic

If you have the penchant of philosophical conversations along with the love of thoughts and deep and intellectual debates, you might be a textbook introvert. Introverts like to explain things in a deep, intellectual manner carrying forward the discussion into the deep end.

#5 Introverts Are Easily Distracted

While on one side, extroverts tend to get bored easily, introverts are exactly opposite their trait. Instead of getting bored, introverts are easily distracted, being overwhelmed in environments along with an excess of stimulation. Thus, if you love and prefer the unstimulating environment, congratulations, you are an introvert.  


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