Paper has more patience than people

Paper has more patience than people

Everything is going well and we are working away on desired goals or things are not going so well and still we are charting our goals. It doesn't matter whether life is complicated or sorted out, one thing we can't get rid of is 'overthinking'.

A major number of youngsters are in a habit of dwelling over trivial issues. Someone told me, ''I don't brood intentionally, it just happened for no reason''. Apparently, it's true for many of us.

Deep down we even know overthinking won't take us anywhere. It simply causes a state of disturbance and more often it compelled us to pine over the outcomes which would be very far from reality.

What to do, then? Pick a pen and paper. Initially, it might sound weird but it truly works. Whatever is killing you inside, just jot it down without modifying your musings. Let it out without being judged by anyone. Paper undoubtedly has more patience than human. While writing, nobody is there to interrupt, question, or stop you. Once you'll start confiding to paper no other person is likely to replace it. ''When I write, I feel free and light''.

In the very beginning when you start to write, most of the fuss will automatically be ruined. And if something grave is worrying you then also you'll find a solution by the end of your writing. Sometimes we need composure to face the issues more than a solution.

There are situations when one doesn't find the right person to confide in. We feel uneasy to share because we fear mocking or their views might change about us. And many a time, we express but still a corner of pent up feelings remain untouched.

Keeping worries at bay or suppressing our emotions and feelings most probably results in rude and rash behavior. People who successfully hide the turmoil within themselves suffers inside most of the time.

This prevailing competition, many times put us in an unwanted state of mind, sometimes our small steps don't seem like making conspicuous differences to our growth chart and we stared piling up disappointments which turn us grouchy. At that moment all we need is a companion. Why not a paper? Just express your rage, worries, dissatisfactions to paper, and after reaching back to composure. Try self-evaluation. Surely you'll find a solution or flaw to work on.

Moreover, keeping all these things aside, writing allows one to explore his world and offers peace and comfort to expand his boundaries of imagination. By letting yourself to write about what you feel and how different things or situations affect you, would help you to know yourself better. And what we call 'self-love' begins with this faintest step.

Hope overthinking will no longer discomfort you.

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