Investing in early age is momentous

Investing in early age is momentous

Why invest, if we are studying right now? Better to get a placement and earn a handsome package at the age of 23 or 24 and so on. Read it till last and know some unavoidable reasons for why.

It's mere a taboo that is refraining you from stepping into the stock markets. Why?
You might wonder that stocks, shares, price, companies, business, risk are somethings terrible to deal with.

Why we are studying now? To get a job, to serve society, to fulfill our lavish dreams, or to offer a better livelihood to our parents…. Ultimately all these things are bound to relate with money. We need money, we need a secure life.
In our era, success is not too far or hard to achieve but achieving it at an early age is somewhat complex or tough.

Why it seems terrible to start investing in the stock market...? because it needs immense knowledge to start with, we are not from a commerce background, none of my family members does that, I am too young to take a financial risk… and a lot more reasons pop up in your head when you even think to invest.

If I would say that these statements are partially correct. You can earn a stable return without having immense knowledge. You just need to figure out the brand you like around yourself, any brand or company you find that is performing well, the company which is solving the major or inevitable issues of our society, the company which has figured out the potential opportunity in the market. Now, hopefully, this might not have created a turmoil in your head. Simply to observe all that is above mentioned, you need to live with open eyes and ears or in easy words just be aware of your surroundings well. This can easily be expected from an educated person such as a college student. True.

If nobody yet had invested in the market till now, then voluntarily be the first to initiate for a good cause. ''My parents are condemning the subject!!! They never needed it''. False!
Your parents also had savings for the future but earlier only 4 to 5 percent returns were enough, what they get from their savings accounts and fixed deposits. But this is not enough for our generation, we are advanced one, who had gotten much more facilities in their comparison so obviously need more money to live a good standard of life. Earlier education and awareness were not accessible and feasible, but now it is. If not we, then absolutely others of our age will going to have an edge over us.

Risk, I mean too much risk! What if all of my money would be ruined. It might need a huge amount to start with. NO! not really. Reduce your scale from the high risk to low risk. If you are not interested to go for higher risk then easy, you have an option to choose it as well.
What's the goal now, earning money while working for the next 60 years like a workhorse, NO! I want to be self-independent by the age of 23 and retired by the age of 45. I want to earn enough money till 45 so that I can enjoy my next years with all fulfilled desires.
All seems like making a castle in the air, AGAIN NO. All you need some confidence and money. As you know earning money itself needs to begin with money. After finishing the first step, here come two options whether to be an investor or trader.

In this article, you know why to invest. In the next article, I will let you know how?

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