Teens have lost their SMILES

Teens have lost their SMILES

Wow! We are growing in almost every field than either its Technology, GDP, Business, Networking, Population, Awareness, Fashion, Stress, Diseases, or Suicide, etc.

 Yes, nobody must be stunned with last terms used but most astonishing the sentence would become if words like stress, anxiety, tensions, agitations are used for the buds which are not yet turned into the flowers, the teens. In the time of their learning, growing, smiling, teasing, playing these young and enthusiastic ones are leading a life of lamentations, distraught.

 What has transformed their colorful lives into doom? It won’t be wrong if we hold the technology responsible for it, or inappropriate use of technology. CORRECTED!

 Parents have given cells to their champs without letting them know the pros and cons of it. Now they are learning dating, cheating, repeating. If not this, then even worst, the most loved ‘'bawdy, vulgar, rustic, and disgusting stuff’’. It's not new to find a teen who is crying over breakups. And one who is blatantly passing lewd comments on others of the same age for their body weight, color, clothes, etc. KUDOS! Now they’ve learnt what the perfect body types, color, fashion is. Only after beholding some popular celebrities.

 It's seriously a disgrace to see our future assets growing in an unexpected and disturbing way. They are such ignoramus that sometimes their so-called humorous comment gives the next one a lifetime inferiority complex, discouragement, or vanish their urge to live happily. This not all, there are innumerable causes that kill cheerful faces inside very brutally.

 We often found teens with broken hearts, who now don’t believe in the pureness of love. With the commitment not to love someone else, they have forgotten to love themselves as well. I don’t know how many teens and parents are going to read this article but I just want to let every teenager know that,

 You are an amazing creation of God, he has made you this way because everybody can’t be similar. You must also know that a creative artist can’t draw the same things. And God is that creative artist who has fashioned you with different shapes, features, and colors. You are different and beautiful the way you are, you have a unique identity with unique qualities. Just leap up and try to know what difference you can make to this world with your peculiarity. Why god has created you this way.

 Please change yourself if you want instead of being swayed by any other’s reproaches. Don’t change yourself just because others can’t accept you that way. Try to look at yourself as follows:

  • If You are slim, God might want you to be quickest,
  • If You are fat, God might want to gift you the chubbiest and softest cheeks/tummy.
  • If You are too tall, God might want you to see the world from different height and perspective.
  • If You are short, God might want you to be the cutest and adorable.
  • If You are fair or dark, God might want you to glow that way only. Do everyone like the bright mornings only not the silent nights.

People will crave for your glance only when you will be in love with yourself. The day you accept yourself will be the day when people would start recognizing your worth. And please stop expecting love from others, this is not the stage of your life to worry about that. Start falling in love with your books, not subjected to your academics only but also to discover new things without taking any pain of unnecessary things. Your teenage is the best time of your life where you can explore anything without any obligations. LIVE IT, LOVE IT. You have your parents to have your back in any of your shortcomings, they are with you to uphold you, sit with them learn from them and especially love them because they are the only ones who will never be going to ditch you. Give your time and focus to only permanent people i.e. you, your family, and true friends only. After, reaching an age of maturity you will find a partner whom you can rely on. You will definitely attract somebody like you, who will never let you feel alone. But right now you need to enhance your skills and love your dispositions. Don’t let the trifles bother you to a huge extent. And the last reminder

   You’re beautiful because you’re different,

    Respect your peculiarity.