Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

This non-stop hasty life, where there is no time for life other than running behind dreams, money and responsibilities.

There is only one thing constant and that is stress, tension, work pressure, poor food habits, unhealthy sleep timings and non-pausing bombardment of chemicals and harmful radiations through mobile phones, laptops and what not.

All these have piled one upon another and have turned the human body, a host of several fatal diseases.

Due to these unhealthy habits of food, sleep, and lifestyle, one is prone to become obese or overweight, which leads to heart attack, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Thus to overcome all this, we are all blessed with the age-old formula, yoga. Regular practice of yoga not only makes one fit and flexible but also builds stamina and brings inner peace and positivity.

In Canada the average salary for a good yoga instructor is approximately $64, 000 a year, moreover, there are thousands of people flying in India to either teach or learn Yoga. Yoga has been proved as a great profession as well as to the ones on the other side.

Here are a few benefits of Yoga, which will convince you to add yoga in life now and forever:

  1. Stress reliever:

Stress is something, which leads to various unhealthy habits such as eating too many chocolates or ice cream. For some people stress leads to excess consumption of alcohol and smoking, which ultimately starts reflecting on the body weight, early appearance of wrinkles and sleeplessness.

Through yoga, the stress will get directed towards inhaling and exhaling process and keeping the concentration at one point.

Thus yoga helps in bursting the stress bubble, forming in the body and makes it fell relaxed, reduces untimely food cravings, provides sound sleep and inner peace.

  1. Improves body flexibility:

Yoga consists of a lot of exercise and movement of muscles, which results in improved blood circulation. Blood circulation provides sufficient oxygen to each cell and releases carbon dioxide; the excessive fat in the body breaks into water and carbon dioxide and comes out of the body in the form of sweat and urea.

It also makes the heart healthy, which results in normalizing blood pressure and other heart-related risks. The movement of muscles and removal of excess of fat from the waistline, thighs, arms, neck and belly area eventually results in the flexible and toned body.

  1. Improves concentration:

Due to rigorous exercise and loss of water in the body, it demands food to break it down into energy, in order to use it further.

Dehydration or loss of water in the body improves the intake of water.

In this stressful life, sleep plays an important role and yoga provides you peace of mind, positivity and sound sleep.

And sound sleep will keep your concentration better; one can focus on their work and manage time well without running behind deadlines, which in turn will keep the family happy.

Meditation has been the routine life of many scholars and successful people, now you know why people ask you to meditate when asked about solving personal and professional problems.

The benefits of yoga and meditation are many, which demands dedication and determination, to carry out an all-rounder balanced life.

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