Do You Know? Regular Use of Face Masks Can Result in Skin Irritation & Damage

Do You Know? Regular Use of Face Masks Can Result in Skin Irritation & Damage

It seems that we still haven’t been to that end where we can enjoy our lives like before, without carrying any fear from the fatal COVID-19. From Lockdown 1.0 to 4.0, we together have confronted several guidelines, adhering to them religiously to squeeze down the coronavirus pandemic. Despite that, the finish line still seems hazy, which is truly a matter of concern. 

Thus, many healthcare experts have already stated that the coronavirus is here to stay for another 1-2 years. All we can do is to learn how to live in the midst of its existence, following essential precautionary measures for staying safe. This makes the use of face masks and hand sanitizers a compulsion in order to protect ourselves along with protecting others as well.

But did you ever think that the perfectly wrapped up mask around your nose and face can also lead to skin discomfort, causing the damage? Irrefutably, it is a genuine worry that needs to be addressed so that people can stay protected from the virus along with simultaneously protecting their skin as well. 

Reportedly, it’s believed that mask wearers do constantly sweat underneath it, eventually resulting in friction. This leads to pressure damage on the nose and cheeks, tearing the skin apparently along with welcoming certain infections. So in order to avoid these, pinpoint the below-mentioned pointers. 

Opt for a Good Quality Face Mask 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a home-made mask or a premium one, just ensure that the quality of the mask is not at all neglected that can eventually create issues for your skin. Fabric will always remain a crucial factor, thus keep this in mind while making or buying one. As per studies, it’s suggested not to use synthetic fabric while suggesting to opt for soft and natural fabric like cotton. 

Say No to Makeup for a While  

It’s common sense that the makeup that’s applied on your skin will eventually get rubbed off after wearing a face mask. The friction produced along with other factors like heat, dust, pollution, and ingredients of the makeup combined together can result in something which you might be regretting in the future. So, it’s better to give your makeup routine rest for now as even no one is bothered in paying attention to your skin amidst the pandemic. 

Make a Habit of Using Good Cleansers or Exfoliators  

It’s perhaps the most crucial time to pamper yourself, especially your skin. Start taking care of it in an enhanced manner, switching to ultra-gentle skin cleansers and moisturizers. As a matter of fact, do avoid harsh, facial exfoliators that can easily disrupt the outer layer of your skin while constantly wearing the mask. If not applied properly, it can lead to dryness of the skin, creating inflammation.

Thus, do remember to put on a mask before stepping outside your home post lockdown. Also, do follow the above-mentioned pointers for ensuring the health aspect of your skin, protecting it accordingly.


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