How to Protect Your Skin From Screen Rays

How to Protect Your Skin From Screen Rays

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has begun, we are shut in our houses having very little space to expose our skin to the sun, which is why he sunscreen lotions are lying in the back of the dressing table and settling dust over the body.

Also the summers have made it difficult to even go out because the temperatures are soaring high like never before. We are all tied up by the circumstances o stay indoors.

Saying indoors also mean a lot of screen time be it over laptop for office work or binge watching the long list of pending series over weekends or simply consuming content on phone and engrossing oneself in the social media feeds.

Not only is the sun’s UV rays are harmful for our skin, but also the blue light of the skin can damage your skin like premature ageing, damaging the cornea or destroying the tiny cells of brain, which are responsible for preserving the memories.

Here are some tips to protect your eyes, skin and brain cells from the over use of blue light coming out of your laptop and phone screens:

Blue Light Shields:

There are cheap shields available in the electronic stores, which can be attached to the screens of laptops and phones to protect your skin which is largely exposed to the screens like face, neck and upper body while binge watching series. People often leave their laptop open and doze off in between the series, which is dangerous for their heart muscles as well.

Antioxidants in your skin regime:

Your skin needs cleansing, toning and moisturising without fail but along with it, it also need antioxidants to keep the defence mechanism of your skin boosted. Also add a lot of vitamins and minerals in your diet which are rich in antioxidant. Unless the defence mechanism is strong, it can’t deal with such exposer to harmful rays.

Keep minimum distance from the screen:

Study reveals that there should be a minimum gap of 20 inches between the eyes and the screen, be it phone or laptop. Also study says that one should stay away from the blue light 2 hours before going to bed and 2 hours after waking up. We have the tendency to check the phone first thing in the morning and last thing before calling it a day.

We have become social media addicts; hence we need to channelize the energy in giving our senses some rest. We are constantly feeding our brains with huge content files, the brain however is losing the old memories to make space for new ones, and sometimes we even scroll brainlessly damaging our brains even more.