Get out of “I Have Nothing to Wear” Phase in Four Easy Steps

Get out of “I Have Nothing to Wear” Phase in Four Easy Steps

India is a land of festivals, which run throughout the year and every festival craves the inner shopaholic in everyone to buy a new outfit for the occasion.

Right after the occasion, the attire is either too good to wear to office or any regular places or less fancier to wear in another occasion, which is why a lot of us, end up buying more stuff than we need or want and make our wardrobes a mess.

Most girls, women have their wardrobes swell with so many clothes yet every time they open it they feel they have nothing to wear because the fashion industry plays with their psychology.

Here are four things you can do to reset your wardrobe and never face “I have nothing to wear” phase ever again:

Seasonal Selection:

Arrange the Wardrobe every month or season depending upon your requirements, so that you can stay organised as well as you can know what all clothes you have and what suits the weather, instead of stuffing the wardrobe with similar clothes.

Make the seasonal wear like summer or winter clothes neatly hung from the hangers and pack the other clothes in an empty suitcase or bag and you can change them when needed.

Wardrobe Arrangement:

Get all your clothes out of your wardrobe and divide them in three categories, (a) Definitely (b) May be/ May not be (c) Never.

Under ‘Definitely’ category will be clothes, which you like to wear, are comfortable, and complement your skin. Under ‘May be/ May not be’ category put the clothes, which you like but have not worn at least once in almost a year. Under ‘Never’ category will sit those clothes, which does not fit you, lost their charm or simply you have lost your interest in.

Now arrange the clothes that are under ‘Definitely’ category in your wardrobe. Donate or sell the ones that are under ‘Never’ category. Those which sit under ‘May be/ may not be’ can be kept on trial for another six months by neatly folding them and kept in a box away from the wardrobe, to see if you really need them. If you have not needed in six months trial session, you may be do not need them at all and can be tossed in the ‘Never’ category and pushed forward for donation or sell.

Make Choices:

We are victims of our own choices and wishes. The fast fashion has made us to shop every now and then because clothes are getting cheaper and fashion is changing as per the celebrities.

Social media has made us keep track of celebrities wearing fancy clothes every occasion and every activity they do, which is why youngsters end up buying more clothes than they actually wear.

It is good to get inspired by someone for their choice of fashion but remember even they wear it only for once because they have their stylist get paid to make them wear fancy clothes and right after the event or occasion they send it for reuse or auction, and not stock it up in their wardrobe. Follow everything the celebrities do not just the fashion statements.

Shop Wisely:

We have seen this often how the old fashion are recycled or revamped, for example the bell bottoms and boot cuts are the style of 80’s, which made a comeback in the early 2000’s and are back again now in 2019. This reflects that fashion is all about making statements whenever it feels necessary.

So the next time you shop, shop wisely and try to mix match, no paparazzi is following you so there is absolutely no need to stay updated with the fashion. Buy and wear what makes you look good, while keeping you comfortable and not harsh on your skin.

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