"Eco-friendly Wedding" is the Trend of 2019-20

"Eco-friendly Wedding" is the Trend of 2019-20

The time has come when two souls find each other to spend the rest of their lives together and the engagement is celebrated with great pomp and show, considering the biggest event of their lives and their families to cherish the occasion lifelong. The weddings were mere rituals in the earlier days but now it is a grand celebration, where everything needs to be thoughtful, glamorous and picture perfect, which shape the trends every year.

Wedding season has arrived and so has the trends to rock the season. The millennial have become more aware of the fashion and tradition, which is why to keep the balance they have found ways to help serve the environment right as well. This year the trends have slightly changed keeping global warming, sustainable living and keeping the environment in mind.

Here is how the Green Wedding trend is rocking 2019-20:

India is known for its big fat wedding. What come with these big fat celebrations are tons and tons of waste in the form of plastic, glitter, crackers and noise. The wise and aware millennial are preferring to keep the wedding celebrations grand yet causing less waste, and that is where green weddings come into play.

The event managers especially have themed green and eco-friendly weddings where they are using natural ingredients and biodegradable items for decorations. The bride and groom also prefer to keep limited options in the menu so that excessive food is not wasted. Their clothes are also designed in natural fabric and many couples prefer to rent out those heavily embroidered clothes in place of buying.

Later the even managers take the entire responsibility of biodegrading the flowers and decorations as well as distributing the excessive food to those in need. Even for the gifts, the bride and groom collectively make an effort to inform the guests to invest in something which can be used in long term such as money or household items rather than filling the stage with hundreds of bouquets.

The jewellery that the bride wears on her wedding day are heavy and uncomfortable to wear on regular days, which is why brides are even getting jewellery on rent for their big day and ask their relatives or parents to make jewellery which are easy to wear on regular days. Otherwise the heavy jewelleries end up in bank lockers for years and wait for occasions to come out.

The event managers make sure to offer discounts to those who opt for green weddings, where they reduce usage of plastic water bottles, fire crackers, music causing noise, tissue papers, plastic spoons, plastic cups and stick to eco-friendly alternatives.

It comes with utmost respect towards the environment as well as a responsible citizen to keep tradition, surrounding and fashion in mind. The millennial are responsible, aware and good at making such bold decisions, while convincing their parents and other guests to participate in a movement as well as in their grand celebration of the occasion.

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