Methods for Preventing School Bullying

Methods for Preventing School Bullying

Bullying is a serious issue that has been in our society for a long time. Remember that bullying at any level is not acceptable which can eventually lead to the emotional breakdown of the sufferers. Bullying at school is one major topic that India experiences every now and then. Despite strict rules and regulations from the government and school policies, students often find themselves in a battle with bullying.

So, what should be done in order to fight this social issue?

The best way to fight bullying is to start talking about it openly with your children. Make your children understand and learn about the symptoms of bullying and the harm it can create on one’s physical and mental wellbeing. Also, it can easily affect the student’s learning procedure regardless that whether the child is a target or he/she is just a spectator. Thus, it’s very important to address this issue on a regular basis.

But schools cannot just alone address this issue. As a citizen and parent, we need to play a vital role in eliminating this issue. Mentioned below are some ways that could prove to be beneficial for preventing bullying in schools.

#1 Start talking about it at Home

Educate your child about healthy friendship and vice versa. Ironically, parents are usually the last one to know when their child has bullied someone or has been bullied. It’s time to break this trend by initiating regular interactions about social topics like this at home. Introduce open-ended questions session about what your child did on the present day in the school.

#2 Get Familiar with the Warning Signs

Usually when children either get bullied or bully someone, they mostly never say it to parents or anyone else. Thus, it increases your job as parents for getting familiar with the warning signs.  Identifying these warning signs could help you understand the current mental state of your child, helping you deal with later things.

#3 Empower your Child

Empowering is a fruitful term that has been proven beneficial time and again. Start educating your kid for dealing with bullying that takes place anywhere without any second thoughts. Empower them to deal with bullying by walking away from the place to informing adults about the same. You could also teach them about saying a firm no to the person who is doing bully along with educating them about how to report bullying when witnessed or encountered.

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