You Might be Unfamiliar with These Facts about the Newspaper in India

You Might be Unfamiliar with These Facts about the Newspaper in India

Whether it’s the morning tea or a long journey on a train or bus, things are always incomplete without a newspaper. Apparently, it won’t be wrong to consider the newspaper as a part of our family member without whom life is almost incomplete.

Newspaper is a prime source that brings news and information which everyone eagerly awaits every day. But did you ever wonder how a newspaper is actually made, written, published, and distributed?

The inception of journalism took place in Rome before 131 B.C. That was the year when the world’s first newspaper was introduced with the name, ‘Acta Diurna’ which means the event of the day. In fact, the news on this newspaper was inscribed in stone or metal strip demonstrated the main points of Rome.

Later, a businessman named Yohann Karolus who used to live in the Strasbourg in Europe in the 16th century used to write and publish information sheet for wealthy customers. But copying with many copies by hand was a daunting task that eventually made him buy the printing machine after which the newspaper was started in 1605.

In India, the story for newspaper began with Kolkata in 1780. India got its first newspaper with the name, ‘The Bengal Gazette’.

Now leaving this history of newspaper behind, let’s explore some interesting facts about newspaper about which you might be unaware of.

The Bengal Gazette: India’s First Newspaper

The Bengal Gazette is been considered as the first newspaper in Indian history. Introduced in 1780, the first copy of this newspaper was published from Kolkata that carried only 4 pages. It was a weekly newspaper which was published in the English language. If you ever visit Kolkata, you can find two copies of Bengal Gazette in National Library, which are of January 29, 1780, and January 5, 1782.

Over One Lakh Newspaper are Registered in India

The Indian government through an article on 31st March 2016 claimed that India has more than 1 lakh newspaper or magazines which are registered legally. Till that time, Dainik Jagran newspaper was considered to be the most readable newspaper followed by the world’s 4th most readable newspaper. 

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