Colorful Holi! Safe Holi! Healthy Holi!

Colorful Holi! Safe Holi! Healthy Holi!

Holi is one of the most colourful and vibrant festivals of India, and while with Bhang and gujiyas, the singing and dancing, drenching in colours is great fun, the aftermath sometimes can be unpleasant.

Quick tips on skin and eye care:


Pre- and during Holi

  • One should oil or moisturize their face and body before stepping out as this prevents the colour from coming in direct contact with the skin and also ensures the easy removal of the colour. To prevent tanning of the face, SPF 40 sunscreen should be applied.
  • Wear loose cotton clothes. Long sleeved tops and full length pants.
  • Nail paint should be applied on the nails (toes and fingers) to prevent staining.
  • The hair should be well oiled so that it is protected from the harmful chemicals.


  • Take shower as soon as possible.
  • Even if colours to do not come off easily one should avoid using face scrubs. They tend to cause irritation to the skin. Mild cleansers and a generous dose of body lotion can be used while bathing.
  • Do not use harsh soap and shampoo for cleaning. Use a mild shampoo to remove oil, dirt and colour.


Quick tips to protect the eyes while playing Holi:

  • Avoid using synthetic colours as they contain heavy metals like lead, which can cause red eye, chemical burn or corneal abrasion.
  • Green synthetic colour used during holi can cause fleeting blindness.
  • Shining ‘mica’ particles in the red synthetic colour can cause damage to the cornea.
  • Use a sunglass to protect your eyes from a misfire of colour-filled darts or water jets.
  • Avoid using contact lenses as the colour may get trapped between the lenses and result in eye infection.The lenses may also be of no use any more.
  • If colour enters the eye, one should not rub it as this may cause irritation and burning.
  • Coconut oil or cream can be applied around the eyes so that colour can be removed easily without any harm to the eyes.
  • Use lukewarm water when taking bath and washing off the colour. One should keep the eyes closed while washing the hair and face so that the colour does not get inside the eyes.

Tips to maintain a healthy diet during Holi

  • Stay hydrated by drinking enough amount of water before, after and on Holi.
  • Instead of tea and coffee fill your stomach with coconut water, lemon water, soup and fruits.
  • Follow a diet which is low in sugar and fat but rich in protein, complex carbohydrate and fiber. Fixing a calorie goal can be a good way to exercise control.
  • Do not forget to work out or go for your walk on the day of festival. This will compensate for the extra calories that are consumed.  
  • Do check the expiry date of food products purchased. Sweets and desserts are highly perishable, so make sure that you are eating a freshly-made product.
  • Prepare snacks or food items at home so that ingredients can be modified to make them healthier by reducing the fat, sugar or calories, increasing fibre and essential nutrients. For example:

o   Use whole wheat rather than maida (white flour) or refined flour

o   Use jiggery (gud) or honey rather than sugar

o   Bake snacks rather than deep fry

o   Use fruits or fruit salsa as a part of your dessert

o   Add skimmed milk to make thandai

Let’s engage in a safe and dry holi, with minimum wastage of water!

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